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Fulvous Owl
Inhabitant of cloud forests, similar to Barred Owl, this enigmatic bird usually remains active during the night mostly, it can often be found on open hangers, it has a rounded head, pale face with brown eyes, beige in general photo by our friend Moises Castañeda
Keel-billed Motmot
Inhabitant of the medium-sized forest that likes to sit still. Mostly dull green, beige below, with a black mask and chest point. The orange forehead and the blue eyebrow and chin are distinctive. More similar to Lesson's Motmot; but notice the smallest size and face pattern.
Lovely Continga
Incredible bird, that inhabits the humid tropical forests of the coast of Honduras, it is impossible not to be amazed to observe its beautiful blue and purple plumage, its chest makes the shape of a heart from there its name
Honduran Emerald
It is definitely one of the rarest birds in the world, a bird of Honduras inhabits very dry forest, feeding on cactus flowers of this type of vegetation, its main diet consists of a small cactus called locally foot of child
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