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Starting From USD 250 / per person
Starting From USD 250 / per person
Starting From USD 250 / per person
Jamaican Oriole
Long tail greenish bird wings and tail black edged with black partly pointed black bill.
Small black yellow and white bird. With curved bill.
Red Billed Streamertail
Black head with lateral crown feathers. Bill red with black tip and sides.
Vervain Hummingbird
Small brownish green hummingbird approx just 2 inches tall.
Jamaican Woodpecker
Upper back and wings black with narrow white bars. Legs and bill are black.
Jamaican Owl
Small brown owl. Dark brown feathers and black legs.
Jamaican Tody
Small chunky bird with a red throat and long flattened bill.
Sad Flycatcher
Underparts are buffy brown. Head is darker than body and looks peaked when crest is erected.
Jamaican Euphonia
Small chunky blue grey bird with a short stubby grey bill that is darker on top and at the tip.
Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo
Long straight bill. Eye surrounded by red orbital skin. Head and back reddish brown.

Forres Park strives to be eco friendly using very few pesticides and cultivating plants that attract and feed birds. A re-foresting program has been established to support the area due to the damage caused by the mountain fires earlier this year.  Trees are being planted to encourage and feed birds as well as to produce lumber. Forres Park is a large rainwater catchment area for water preservation which is used for fish, to water plants on the farm and also for use in the hotel. This eco-friendly environment encourages birdlife, which is why the majority of Jamaica’s endemic birds can be found at Forres Park.

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