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Luxury Safari Tanzania Tour

Tanzania 10 Days
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Air Safari Kenya Tour

Kenya 10 Days
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Believed to be the most sociable of the big cat family, nearly all of the world's lions live in Africa, with the Serengeti home to over 3000, the largest population in Africa. Over 850 in the Mara.
Known for stalking its prey, the leopard is a reclusive cat, often taking to trees to gain an elevated and enhanced viewing position out over the plains.
Black and white rhino. The black rhino is critically endangered; white rhino is near threatened.
The African elephant is the largest animal on earth. Experience these gentle giants close up and understand the hierarchy of the herds.
The African buffalo is Africa’s only wild cattle species. These somewhat imposing beasts are often found in huge herds over 1000 strong: no wonder their fearsome reputation.
By day, you’ll find them wallowing in shallow waters, often just their heads poking above the water. By night, they venture onto dry land to graze.
East Africa is famed for the great wildebeest migration – a movement of some 2 million animals (whilst predominantly wildebeest, they’re accompanied by zebra and gazelle) chasing the rain and seeking new grazing.
You’ll find the worlds tallest land mammal roaming in all locations visited by SkySafari with the reticulated giraffe roaming the landscape in Loisaba.
Quintessentially Africa, the plains zebra is plentiful throughout Tasnzania, with the larger Grevy’s zebra in Loisaba.
Spotted Hyena
Africas noisiest and most efficient large carnivore, they are tireless predators able to consume every last scrap of a carcas.

 We believe tourism can be a force for good, so when you come to Africa with us, we’ll give back to Africa through our commitment to the Land & Life Foundation, a foundation set up to ensure locally that local communities receive tangible benefits from tourism to the region. The money raised goes towards a range of targeted education programmes, community outreach initiatives and conservation projects in key wildlife conservation areas around Kenya and Tanzania, including the Masai Mara, Amboseli, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. All Land & Life’s administration costs are covered by partners, so 100% of every donation received goes directly to its operations on to the ground, where it’s needed most.

SkySafari flights also operate on a carbon negative basis.

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