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Falkland Islands Wildlife Tour

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Birds & Wines of Chile & Argentina

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Best Chile Wildlife Tour

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A truly mythic presence of the Andes, the Puma or Mountain Lion finds its stronghold at the majestic and remote landscapes of Patagonia’s Torres del Paine in southern Chile. An unusually high concentration of this big cat allows our guests high chances for observation and photography. With more than 15 years running puma-tracking tours in Patagonia, the company also supports conservation and research.
King Penguin
The massive embayment called Useless Bay, located in Tierra del Fuego, holds the sole known breeding colony of King Penguin in South America. This is one of the most colourful and beautiful of all penguins and breeds in remote islands in the Southern Ocean – therefore this small colony, comprising over 100 individuals, is the world’s most accessible rookery.
Blue Whale
During the southern summer months (December through March), part of the population of the smallest recognized race of Blue Whale, called brevicauda or ‘Pygmy’, visits the inner seas of the intricate maze of islands around Chiloé Island in Patagonia’s northern archipelago. These productive waters, in close contact with runoff from rivers of the Andes and upwellings favoured by the Humboldt Current, attract these colossal visitors.
Kodkod (or Güigna) Cat
One of South America’s rarest small cats dwells in the lush rainforests of southern Chile. Its common name derives from the Mapuche language, meaning ‘thief’. One of the few reliable places to see it is the interior of Chiloé Island, where melanic individuals seem to prevail.
Mountain Viscacha
Occupying the many rocky outcrops of the Altiplano with easy access to grasslands and watercourses, this highly sociable and large rodent is one of the most charismatic mammals of Chile. Closely related to chinchillas, the Mountain Viscacha seems to be the favourite prey of one of the world’s least known felids, the Andean Cat.
Juan Fernandez Firecrown
This Critically-Endangered hummingbird survives only in small numbers associated to the sub-tropical forests of the main island of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, off central Chile. Both sexes are highly dimorphic, the male being almost entirely orange whereas the female seems to belong to another species!
Buller’s Albatross
One of the most handsome albatross species breeds in the distant New Zealand sector but visits Chile’s offshore waters on a regular basis. Up to six albatross species can be seen in a pelagic trip off Central Chile and Buller’s Albatross is just one of the many potential tubenoses to be spotted.
Huemul Deer
Featured in Chile’s coat-of-arms alongside with Andean Condor, the Huemul or Southern Andean Deer is one of the rarest mammals of the country. Less than 1,000 individuals of this bulky and sturdy deer survive in the forests and fjords of western Patagonia. Torres del Paine NP offers the best chance to see it, although still very difficult to find.
Magellanic Plover
The sole member of the Pluvianellidae family, this odd-looking wader resembles rather a small pigeon than a plover. It occurs in the many wind-swept alkaline ponds and lagoons found along the Magellan Straits and Tierra del Fuego, although always in small densities.
Diademed Sandpiper-Plover
Probably one of Chile’s most sought-after bird species, this delightful and unusual plover occurs in isolated bogs in the High Andes. El Yeso reservoir, is located in the Andes above Santiago, Chile’s capital, being the most accessible – and lowest – spot to see it reliably.

Far South Expeditions actively supports BirdLife bird conservation efforts as a member of their “Species Champions / Preventing Species Extinctions” programmes since 2015.

In addition to that, we are an active member of the “Adventure Travel Conservation Fund” (ATCF) run by the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

Far South Expeditions also support AvesChile / UNORCH, the Chilean Ornithologist Union, by sponsoring the publication of their scientific journal “Revista Chilena de Ornitología”. This is the most significant publication accruing professional ornithologists and amateur birders, promoting their research work and conservation efforts.

Far South Expeditions is involved in sponsoring the field work and conservation efforts of the critically endangered mainland population of Ruddy-headed Goose (Chloephaga rubidiceps). Few hundred individuals of these migratory geese breed, in the Magellan Straits and Tierra del Fuego. Far South Expeditions is financially and logistically supporting researchers to conduct their assessment on the genetic status and population figures of this goose.

Our company is deeply committed to environmental education and has produced, since our initial years, several publications and field guides, to educate and encourage the locals and visitors about the natural world. In 2016 we have published the long-awaited “Aves de Chile”, a field guide to the birds of Chile, in Spanish, which has been tremendously received by the eager local audience. We think that these kinds of efforts directly benefit the conservation of our biodiversity and habitats as well as to increase the awareness of the locals in relation to their environment and its protection.

  • Birds & Wines Experience in Chile & Argentina
    Birds & Wines of Chile & Argentina
    Robin Perry14 Jul 2018
    This was for me the realisation of a ldream to enjoy the wildlife, culture, history and landscape of this part of South America. Can only recommend very highly.
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