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The Costa Rica Birding Tour

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Resplendent Quetzal
Described as the most beautiful bird in the world, sacred for the phe-hispanic cultures Costa Rica host the easiest locations to get close to this amazing bird also called the feathered snake and is possible to spot it all year round.
Snowcap Hummingbird
Restricted to the Caribbean Foothills of Central America, one of the tiniest hummers of Costa Rica. One of the nemesis for birdwatchers easy to find at Rancho Naturalista Costa Rica.
Bare-necked Umbrellabird
One of the ghost birds of the Neotropics, Bare Necked Umbrellabird is one of the most elusive birds of the neotropics.Costa Rica host a few locations whith the better chance to stop this marvellous cotinga.
Three-wattle Bellbird
Another of the rare birds to find in Costa Rica. Possible sights in the Pacific Lowlands from Dec-March and in the highlands the rest of the year.
Coppery-headed Emerald
One of the true Endemics of Costa Rica, only found in the Caribbean foothills of Costa Rica in the Central Mountains and a section of the Talamanca mountain range.
Great Green Macaw
With a limited population in recovery in the Caribbean Lowlands of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, this is one of the green pearls and also a true twitch in the Sarapiqui region and Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica.
Fiery-billed Aracary
One of the most beautiful and colourful toucans of the neotropics, restricted to Southern Costa Rica and western Panama this colourful bird travel in groups of 6-12 individuals.
Unspotted Saw-whet owl
The most elusive of the Neotropical owls, found in the highlands of Central America, the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica are a great area to get this lifer bird.
Agami Heron
During April to Sept it is possible to visit a nesting colony with more than 60 individuals in the Caribbean Lowlands of Costa Rica. This is perhaps the most beautiful heron of the Americas.
Black-bellied Hummingbird
Restricted to the highlands of Costa Rica and Western Panama, the Black-bellied Hummigbird is one of the most special hummingbirds of the region, The number of sights may vary year to year.

Costa Rica Birding was founded with the goal to show birders from the world the bird and nature wonders of Costa Rica and Central America while promoting and supporting conservation and social development in Costa Rica and the region.

All the tours promote sustainable tourism in certified reserves and ecosystems, following a code of ethics and part of the money goes to projects regarding: Quetzals and Great Green Macaws Conservation, consolidation of biological Corridors along the country, standardization and development of small lodges and services for the birdwatchers linked to local communities and the development of birding routes along Costa Rica and Central America.

In 2017 Costa Rica Birding was awarded as one of the best Latin American Projects and Programs promoting Conservation and Social Development, by Latinoamerica Verde.

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