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Borneo Orang-utan and Turtle Tour, Sabah, Malaysia

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Malaysia 2 Days
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Kinabatangan Borneo Wildlife Safari Tour, Sabah, Malaysia

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Malaysia 3 Days
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Literally means “man of the forest”, the orangutans are large arboreal ape with long reddish or brownish hair, long arms and hooked hands and feet, highly intelligent and are the cousin of humans sharing 96.4% of our genes. They are found only in Sumatra and Borneo’s rainforests, where they spend much of their time in the trees, create nests every night and eat fruits, foliage and insects. They are usually seen around dawn or dusk.
Borneo Pygmy Elephants
Endemic to Borneo, pygmy elephant is the smallest elephant in Asia with the males ranging from 1.7 to 2.6 metres tall. They roam in herds of 15-70 often led by one elderly female. They eat up to 150kg of food and their favourites are palms and banana stems. They can be seen 2 hours before dusk and 2 hours before dawn.
Proboscis Monkeys
A reddish-brown, medium-sized arboreal primate that is found exclusively in Borneo. The male is not only one of the largest of its species, but most distinctive because of its long and fleshy nose, and a large swollen stomach. They have been called “Dutch men of Borneo”. They can be seen at dawn or dusk at the riverbank.
Borneon Gibbon
A grey-brown primate with long, strong arms to enable them to swing through the trees. They are endemic to Borneo, therefore this habitat is vital for its survival. They are often heard before they are seen as the female have a very distinctive bubbling call, usually at dawn when they are especially noisy.
Rhinoceros Hornbill
One of the largest hornbill species and can be as big as a swan. The males have upturned casque with thin a black line down the sides, black tail bar, red irises and black skin around eyes. The females have white irises, no casque line and reddish skin around eyes. They can be found in groups but usually in pairs. They mainly eat fruits, lizards, frogs and insects.
Storm’s Stork
A large bird, approximately 91 cm long with black-and-white stork with red bill, orange facial skin and golden-yellow area around eye. Their diet is mainly fish, but can also feed on frogs, crustaceans, earthworms, invertebrates and aquatic insect larvae. They are considered endangered due to habitat loss and small populations of about less than 500 individuals worldwide.
Borneo Bristlehead
Borneo bristlehead is the uncommon species of Borneo’s rainforest to which it is endemic. It is a medium-sized, black or dark grey bird, has red thighs and a red head, throat. It is a sociable bird often making noise with a variety of chattering, whistles and honk calls. They feed on small plants, fruits and vegetables.
Slow Loris
Nocturnal mammals and one of the rarest primates on earth. It has forward-facing eyes and human-like hands. They move slowly but can reach up to 8km per night and can remain still for hours if required.
Black and Crimson Pitta
Black and crimson pitta also known as black-headed pitta with distinctively marked black head and breast, crimson coloured belly, and easily distinguishable pale blue stripes extended from its eyes to the back. So far they have only been found in the lowland tropical rainforests of northern Borneo. This species is threatened by the rapid deforestation. Its diet consists of spiders, ants, cockroaches, beetles and snails.
Red-leaf Langur
Red-leaf langur is an arboreal primate that can be easily found in primary forest of Borneo. They have shaggy auburn color and also often called maroon langur. They weigh at average 6.2-6.3 kilograms. They consume seeds, flowers and less sweet fruits. The males will emanate loud call to mark their territory and warn rivals.

Part of Borneo Eco Tours profit goes to BEST Society (Borneo Ecotourism Solutions and Technologies Society), a community, social and environmental non profit division.

BEST Society actively implements community projects such as tree planting, medical camps, capacity building and community based ecotourism, thanks to our guests who contribute directly for these efforts.

  • Amazing sightings of birds & wildlife
    Kinabatangan Borneo Wildlife Safari Tour, Sabah, Malaysia
    Mark Westright5 Jul 2018
    Hello there! Thank you so much for your excellent organisation of our trip. The sighting of so many birds and wildlife has exceeded our expectations. All our guides and drivers have done a great job with their knowledge and patience, so that I could take a lot of great photos! Many thanks to Osman and William, Hazwan and Chiew, Mohammad and Jan (Tabin) and Ned (Danum Valley). We felt comfortable in all accommodations, staff everywhere was always friendly and food was delicious. We will highly recommend your company!
  • Great Trip while in Borneo!
    Borneo Orang-utan and Turtle Tour, Sabah, Malaysia
    Christie Lundgen2 Oct 2018
    We had an amazing trip to Borneo. Everything went perfectly without a hitch! We enjoyed both Hamit and Hazwan and had an especially good time with Hazwan. They are both good birders and my partner saw an amazing number of birds. I loved the orangutans and the monkeys, so everyone was happy! I would not hesitate to recommend Borneo Eco Tours to anyone considering a trip to Borneo. Thanks again.
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