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Green-bearded helmetcrest
Of course that we got a great photo of the mystic and rare the Green bearded helmetcrest Hummingbird on the planet yeahhh.The stunning green colour on his throat and crest to do the more awesome hummingbird the our Iridescent tour. Also, we can teach you about your ecology and natural history during our trips with Bogota Birding
Bogota rail
It is always great to see the cute Bogotá rail. I love Rails...Ask for our upcoming trips about Rails, Tinamus, Antpitta, Tapaculos and have fun with us. During our Colombia enchanted trips.
Recurve-billed bushbirdv
This is one of the most difficult antbirds to photograph in any forest. It was well worth the time tracking this beauty down. Also rewarding to see its vigorously pecking a hole then uses its recurved, a laterally compressed bill like a can opener to rip dead bamboo stems exposing the interior where it searches worms. A great bird was seen on one of the endemic tour birds
Santa Marta parakeet
One of my favorite Colombian Parrots, the lovely Santa Marta Parakeet photographed on Reserva El Dorado. This parakeet is endemic to Colombia and is listed as Endangered. A truly stunning bird our tour Northern birding Colombia spot.
Buffy helmetcrest
Endemic - Buffy helmetcrest- it is always great to see this cute hummingbird. Great day at central Andes reserve with Bogota Birding join our next adventure the photographic and birding time which is an amazing trip and you will have fun with us and get a great photo too…also the culture experience
Cloud-forest pygmy owl
A beautiful Cloud-forest Pygmy-Owl for these gorgeous birds just lives in cloud forest the Montezuma Rain forest. Unfortunately, this bird is threatened so we believe that our tours connecting local people and tourist with nature and raising general awareness are the best way to preserve the environment and its wildlife (environmental project). Endemic birds tours to offer this link conservation by building the leadership skills of early career for local guides and conservationists by means the birding
Black-backed thornbill
Black-backed thornbill is a rare endemic that can be seen in the Santa Marta mountains. It is an amazing bird! When he looks at you the right way you can see the green on his throat at once! One of the highlights was to see and photograph these beautiful birds, which were one of our tourist's favorites of the Hummingbird tours...All the best happen when you travel with us and we give you the best memories... The endemic hummingbird tours with Bogota Birding
Supatá golden frog
Dendrobatids (or poison frogs), have meant a significant part of my life. I started to look for them in Colombia for this reason I love the field herpetology work. During our project the conservation Harlequin frogs we help to discover this new species the Supata Poison-Frogs. Now we starting to share with pleasure our passion to see the Poison frogs and lizard during our Herping tour Colombia
Cotton-top tamarin
I've had lots of firsts in my life and this was probably the prettiest of the lot. The cotton-top tamarin (Saguinus Oedipus) is a very cute monkey though unfortunately it's listed as a "critically endangered" species due to habitat loss. We help this tamarin during our Safari tours around Colombia supporting the conservation project in northern Colombia.
Chestnut-capped piha
I must say one of the Colombian tops and most beautiful birds. This one is one of my favorite Piha! Not an easy one for sure! Just another reason to go to the greatest birdwatching country on earth...Colombia with Bogota Birding for to start the Endemic Birds tours.

With funds from our Birding tour and donations we work in a few areas in Colombia where there is a tremendous diversity of plants and animals (including a high diversity of endemic bird species).

First Project: Assessment and Conservation of Threatened Bird Species at Colombia

Two fieldwork strategies will be used: “En bloc-Assessment” to produce an avifauna census and ecological assessments, to explore environment problems and possible solutions through community approach; “Special Survey” to assess the conservation status of some threatened endemic bird species. Socio-economic conditions will be assessed through paticipatory survey. Obtained data will be used to underpin a Community Outreach Program and Conservation Action Plan.

Our project has the focus with this species:

  • Cundinamarca antpitta (Grallaria kaestneri)
  • Colombian mountain grackle (Macroagelaius subalaris)
  • Niceforo’s wren (Thryophilus nicefori)
  • Chestnut bellied hummingbird (Amazilia castaneiventris)

Second project: Action of the Bat Species at Soatá

The main objective of this project is to promote the conservation of bats in the Soatá Reserve to determine the species diversity and population structure, assessment of the main threats to the population of bats, making recommendations for conservation, develop a database for the populations of bats and encourage greater community awareness about the bat conservation needs.

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