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Starting From EUR 60 / per person
Starting From EUR 60 / per person

The Straits and Morocco Birding Trip, Tarifa, Spain

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Andalucía 1 Days
Starting From EUR 120 / per person
Northern Bald Ibis
One of the rarest birds in Europe is living in the surroundings of Tarifa. After a successful reintroduction project, Bald Ibis live again in the wild. This ugly bird for some people is beautiful for others, doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.
Spanish Imperial Eagle
One of the jewels of Spanish birds, the most endangered eagle in the Iberian Peninsula has a good population in Andalucia. Because the local patch is full of rabbits and partridges, in addition of local pairs, many immatures from other areas of Spain come here to catch its first preys.
Bonelli’s Eagle
Agile and silent hunter, this brave bird of prey has become increasingly rare over the twentieth century. Poison, poachers and electrocutions are the main reasons for its decrease. For fortune, in the local area is still quite common and a maximum of 12 in one day can be seen.
Little Swift
Global warming brings us new birds from Africa and this small Swift is one of the newest birds in the Spanish breeding birds. Although this species started to breed in Tarifa, this professional squatter of House Martins nets is colonising each year new areas in Cadiz province.
Red-knobbed Coot
This endangered member of the rail and crake birds’ family survives to the extinction in the Southwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula. Always difficult to spot in between flocks of Common Coots, its blue bill, red horns and singular shape are the main features to find it.
Marbled Teal
This shy bird is one of rarest ducks in Europe. They breed in lowland areas with shallow waters, so in the Cadiz side of Doñana, Marbled Teal find the perfect habitat to live all the year round.
Ruppell’s Vulture
Carried by Griffon Vultures in their migration to Spain, Ruppell´s Vultures arrive in Spain from Africa. This endangered sub-Saharan bird each year is more regularly seen in Tarifa so it is unique in this area of Europe where it is possible to see this species regularly.
Common Bulbul
Five years ago, this African bird colonized Europe and started to breed in Tarifa. Its population is growing little by little and now is possible to see them in the surroundings of Tarifa. Always difficult to spot them, its call is the best way to find this beautiful bird.
Orca/Killer Whale
Orca is the largest dolphin in the world. Around the Strait of Gibraltar, there are 5 families living in the wild but the best period to see them is spring and summer because they arrive with their little ones stalking fishing boats to get a share of the blue fin tuna fishing.
Iberian Lynx
World’s most threatened cat, Iberian Lynx is one of the four species of Lynx in the world. Only around 360 individuals left in the wild in two main populations: Andujar, east of Andalucia and Doñana.

At Birding Tarifa we donate 25 % of our annual profit to our own nature conservation projects as well as other projects with nature foundations, associations, and NGOs.work.

Birding Tarifa projects including:

  • La Janda Wetland Bird Banding Project.
  • La Janda Wetland Monitoring
  • Environmental education
  • Environmental awareness campaigns for the local people

We also support nature foundations, associations & non-profit organizations:

  • La Janda wetland friends association
  • Andalucia Bird Society
  • Amus (Wildlife Rescue Centre)
  • SEO/Birdlife
  • Birds Clean (Eco Wildlife Design)
  • Observation

Birding Tarifa is involved in these Nature Conservation Projects: 

  • Montagu´s Harrier field works and hacking program in la Janda Wetland
  • Osprey Platform Project & La Covacha viewpoints in Bay of Cadiz Natural Park
  • Bird tagging/ringing and monitoring bird projects organized by EBD (Doñana Biological Station): Greater Flamingo, Black-necked Grebe, Spoonbill, Glossy Ibis, Slender-billed Gull, Red-necked Nightjar, Purple Swamphen, Coot, White Stork, Black Kite, Black-shouldered Kite, Booted Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Waders…
  • House Martin Project Conservation in Extremadura

Marsh Harrier tagging in Madrid and tracking work in Spain and Morocco.

  • Morocco - Winter Birding
    The Straits and Morocco Birding Trip, Tarifa, Spain
    Janet Brodie5 Jan 2019
    Atlas and Desert birding for a week in January with the very personable Manuel Morales. Excellent guiding and a great birding experience in spectacular scenery.
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