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White Stork
White stork migrate along the coast in both spring and autumn in groups of up to 500. A few also breed and overwinter in the Narbonnaise area.
Spotless Starling
Confined to coastal areas and very localised, the Spotless starling can be seen amongst its more common cousins, often looking slightly scruffy with an oily appearance.
Short-toed Eagle
From February through to October, the Short-toed eagle mainly on reptiles, avoiding competition with the resident Bonelli’s and Golden eagles. It can be easily seen throughout the Languedoc in good numbers.
Sardinian Warbler
A small skulking resident species, the Sardinian warbler provides a year-round soundscape with its harsh rattling alarm call. This is a very common bird throughout the area and can be seen darting in and out of the dense scrubby bushes of the “garrigue” habitat.
Kentish Plover
This diminutive resident shorebird is easily spotted feeding and nesting around the margins of the many former salt pans, using the broken wing tactic to entice potential predators away from its young.
Golden Oriole
The melodious song of the Golden Oriole is a common favourite and a delightful sound to awake to in spring. Present from late April through to mid-August this shy bird can be found in woodland near streams and rivers, although sightings are often restricted to a flash of yellow!
European Honey Buzzard
In mid-May, if there is a strongish NW wind, spectacular numbers of Honey buzzard can be seen heading north over the Leucate headland, with the daily count sometimes reaching 12,000.
Eurasian Hoopoe
This spectacular but unobtrusive bird seems to enjoy feeding in the vineyards and olive groves but you may also see them in the coastal dunes or in urban parks and gardens. Most are summer visitors present from late February to September although a few now overwinter.
Blue Rock Thrush
The Blue rock thrush is resident throughout the Languedoc and is relatively easy to see. Locally this species seems to favour disused quarries as well as rocky canyons.

Birding Languedoc is a non-profit organisation, set up to improve the knowledge and understanding of local wildlife and to promote its conservation through education and sustainable tourism. Most wildlife companies will contribute 10% of their profits to helping wildlife, but as we are a non-profit organisation ALL our profits are reinvested into local projects.

Birding Languedoc is currently supporting two important local projects:

  1. The Jardin Botanique de Foncaude: Covering 7 hectares of the Feuilla river valley this fascinating botanical garden is a haven for wildlife. Established by his father over the past 30 years, Jeremy Jalabert and our local bird guide Karline Martorell are now resident on-site and have plans to develop much-needed visitor facilities. Birding Languedoc is supporting this project financially but also on the ground to develop the capacity of the garden to host visitors, installing benches, composting toilets and information boards.
  2. Med Migration: Migration counting at the Leucate headland helped highlight how local hunting was impacting the European Honey-buzzard population and successfully managed to convince the hunters to stop shooting these magnificent birds. The migration count then stopped! But Sébastien Roques managed to find funding to relaunch the spring migration count in 2020, demonstrating the incredible numbers of European Honey-buzzard but also many other species that pass over this important site. The historic data is invaluable in order to highlight changes in different species numbers passing through, but current data needs to cover at least three years to be meaningful. Birding Languedoc is helping Med Migration to find finance for the migration count for at least the next two years (2021 & 2022).

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