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Bengal Tiger
This subspecies of Tiger occurs throughout India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. Undoubtedly India’s most iconic mammal, the greater proportion of the population resides in India with an estimated population of around 300 individuals (2018). Can be elusive but generally seen well, given time, at several tiger reserves across the country.
Sri Lanka Frogmouth
A secretive and cryptic inhabitant of dense tropical forests in the Western Ghats of southwest India and Sri Lanka. A small frogmouth, and the only frogmouth to occur in South Asia, it can be seen well, often at day roosts, in Goa and Kerala.
White-bellied Blue Flycatcher
One of 30 species endemic or near-endemic to the Western Ghats of southwest India and Sri Lanka. Males are a deep indigo blue, with a bright brow and forehead that shines when seen out of the shade of their preferred dense-canopied foothill forests.
Indian Courser
Confined to South Asia, and primarily India, the Indian Courser is an elegant and striking inhabitant of arid environments. Found throughout India, it is especially associated with the dry northwest where it is accompanied by the more uniformly-plumaged Cream-coloured Courser.
Sarus Crane
A large, distinctive, nonmigratory crane that is conspicuous in northwest India, now the stronghold of this once widespread species.
Koklass Pheasant
An elusive and skulking pheasant of mid- to high-altitude forests across the Western and Central Himalayas of India and Nepal, and scattered sites across China. Best seen pre-dawn on quiet mountain roads. One of several pheasants found in the Indian Himalayas, others including Cheer Pheasant, Blood Pheasant and Himalayan Monal.
Slender-billed Scimitar-babbler
A curious and unmistakable bird found in the high-altitude evergreen forests of the Eastern Himalayas and associated hill ranges, and a scattering of sites across Southeast Asia. In India, best seen in Arunachal Pradesh where it is one of several enigmatic scimitar-babblers.
Rufous-necked Hornbill
One of a number of hornbill species found throughout India, the Rufous-necked Hornbill is among the most sought-after, restricted to the hill forests of the Eastern Himalayas and scattered sites throughout Southeast Asia.
Beautiful Nuthatch
A striking yet shy large nuthatch found mostly within the Eastern Himalayas and scattered sites throughout Southeast Asia It often joins mixed species foraging flocks along with Himalayan Cutia, another Eastern Himalayan speciality.
Fire-tailed Myzornis
One of the most highly prized species of the Eastern Himalayas. An unmistakable inhabitant of subtropical montane forests with a restricted range across the Himalayas and associated hill ranges in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. It is often found feeding on tree sap and rhododendron nectar.

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