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Ghana Birding Tour

Ghana 16 Days
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Ghana Butterfly Tour

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Yellow-headed Picathartes
This Red List Category Vulnerable species lives in mud nests in caves and rocky boulders in pristine Upper Guinea Forest habitat.
Egyptian Plover
Recently placed in a family of its own this much sought-after riverine wader is seen on all of our tours travelling to Northern Ghana in the dry season.
Akun Eagle Owl
This rare forest owl calls mainly just after dusk and before dawn and feeds mostly on insects.
Blue-moustached Bee-eater
Recently split from the Blue-headed Bee-eater this forest species is often seen in pairs on bare branches in highland forest and is a favourite on our tours.
Long-tailed Hawk
An unmistakeable forest hawk that is very vocal and usually seen mid-level in the forest interior during our tours
Forbes’s Plover
A much sought-after species we see during our time in Mole National Park, likes burnt grassland habitat
Violet-backed Hyliota
A must see for birders collecting families. A species seen on all our tours in lowland forest.
Black Dwarf Hornbill
A small black forest hornbill some suggest as Africa’s rarest. Seen in lowland interior forest and also along forest edge.
Congo Serpent Eagle
Another sought after forest eagle that is very vocal in early mornings. Mainly feeds on snakes, amphibians, lizards and small mammals.
Chestnut-capped Flycatcher
Another must see species for birders collecting families here in Ghana. A sociable species often seen in small groups and mixed flocks in lowland forest.

Ashanti African Tours are focused and committed to ethical and responsible travel here in West Africa. A percentage of our profits goes into our NGO Rainforest Rescue Ghana where we connect communities to the conservation of their environment through ethical tourism. To date, we have built 2 schools giving over 600 children access to education. Our company are also protecting Upper Guinea Rainforest, endangered birds, mammal and butterfly species through an eco-tourism project we are establishing where we have donated accommodation, reception centre, restaurant and school to a community showing them the immediate benefits of protecting the surrounding rainforest where the Yellow-headed Picathartes is found along with mammals like Long-tailed and Tree Pangolin.

Our groups pay an entrance fee, local guide fees, purchase food and drinks and rent the accommodation to sleep in with 1005 of the funds generated going into the community fund. There are 3 local communities that surround the forest benefiting from this fund. Prior to us starting the project we would hear a continuous chain saw operators cutting trees and also local hunters killing the wildlife, we are happy to report these have now stopped since we started our project. Booking with Ashanti African Tours helps conservation.

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