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Birds of Lithuania Tour

Lithuania 8 Days
Starting From EUR 1,120 / per person
Starting From EUR 1,120 / per person
White-tailed Eagle
Last but not least one of the emblematic bird of prey for Neman’s River Delta. After almost extinct at early 1970’s, now is wide spread with biggest concentration at Neman’s Delta Regional Park. With wingspan over 2.5 m it is not easy to not spot this “flying door” in the sky. Resident it can be found almost everywhere in the Delta, but as you can expect its favourite place is near water and especially fish farms, where they get free meal daily with no effort to be honest.
Mostly wintering species that appears in Neman’s River Delta in mid-October. Very beautiful males are spectacular waterfowl with striking white plumage and just few darker marks and typically for the family hood. As you can expect is fish eating, very good diver. Shy most of the time, but easy to be spotted, especially in early winter, when is one of the whites ducks on the Curonian Lagoon.
Blyth’s Reed Warbler
Another key species for Lithuania you might see once in a lifetime. Nocturnal singer, very difficult to see as it’s prefer thick vegetation, usually on edge of small tree patches, wet meadows with nettles or scrubs. It’s one of the most difficult to ID warblers group, only by its slower very much Marsh Warbler alike song. ID from its appearance only by good photo or feather formula if captured at Vente Cape Ringing Station.
Hazel Grouse
One of most beautiful sedentary forest Grouses. Prefer mixed forest, with hazel and birch trees, feeding with their buds in early spring. Very difficult to spot, and hear as its song is on the edge of human ears limit, very high pitched whistle. In spring time very vocal and territorial, likes scrubs and thickets, choosing a high position for displaying. Often has a sand bath spot to clear mechanically its plumage.
Citrine Wagtail
One of bird species known to extend its breeding grounds further to the west. Invading Eastern Europe in past few decades. Now regular breeder in Neman’s River Delta. Males with striking Citrine head and chest, females less colourful. Likes reed beds and flooded meadows, near Curonian Lagoon. Territorial and very vocal during mating season.
Ural Owl
One of most rare and beautiful Owls found in East Europe further to Japan. Breeds in tree cavities, often at broken tree trunks and in man-made nest boxes if not enough old trees. Territorial and sedentary bird, breeds in mixed forest. Prefer next to forest clearing where can be found hunting for rodents, small birds. Aggressive behaviour near nest.
Greenish Warbler
Small broadleaved forest bird from genus Phylloscopus. Best way to be found is by ear, listening for its unique song and calls. Mostly around water – small ravines with steep shores. Late migrant and breeder in Lithuania. Similar to other species of Leaf Warblers. Best time to hear it early morning from late May till Early July.
Great Spotted Eagle
In the past subspecies of Lesser Spotted Eagle, now separate species which can successfully breed in mixed pair with relative Lesser. Very scarce, only few pairs in Neman’s River Delta. Darker plumage and stronger bill are some of the main ID features to look for. Wintering in different areas than LSE, mainly in Central East Africa.
Great Snipe
One of the most difficult to see wader species. Breeding in river floodplains, specifically pastures of Neman’s River Delta. Males gathering on leks displaying and fighting with charismatic night song and spectacular wingbeats. Known to fly non-stop for over 900 km. Very similar to Common Snipe by appearance.
Aquatic Warbler
Rarest passerine bird in the World, breeding only in 3 other European countries. Night singer, very similar to Sedge Warbler. Best time to see is during the breeding season, males are actively singing before sunset and during day time prior to end of June and early July. Winters in West Africa.

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