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Starting From USD 1,950 / per person
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Diademed Sandpiper Plover
A little compact plover, the diademed sand-piper-plover measures 16.5–19 cm (6.5–7.5 in) in length and weighs 28–46 g (0.99–1.62 oz). It features a black head with a white stripe over the eye, a chestnut neck, a white throat and chest barred with black, and grey upperparts. The flying is undulating and the wings are short. The juvenile has a grey head with less obvious banding on the front and brown upperparts, and the sexes are similar.
The puma is Patagonia's largest big cat, but it's difficult to observe unless you go on a specialist puma tracking tour. They are most numerous in the eastern parts of Torres del Paine, where there are less tourists, and our skilled guides and trackers can provide you with the finest opportunities to observe them up close.
Inca Tern
The Humboldt Current's beautiful and unusual dark tern. It is most commonly found in rocky shores, ports, and piers, where it is typically confiding; sandy beaches and river mouths are less common. Feeds on coastal and inshore seas, dipping to obtain food from near the surface rather than diving like other terns. Overall black plumage with a small white trailing line on the wings. The bill and legs of an adult are red, with a yellow gape patch and a curled 'Salvador Dali' whisker. Overall, a first-year browner with a black beak and legs develops a sliver of white whisker.
Andean Hillstar
Hummingbird occurs in rocky and shrubby valleys, settlements, and any open and semiopen regions with flowers in the high Andes. Builds a bulky cup of plant material and alpaca wool to protect against cold nights beneath the eaves of buildings or bridges. This is a rather typical situation. Its white tail makes it easy to spot over most of its range.
King Penguin
In Tierra del Fuego, a new colony of King penguins has begun to emerge. It is the only colony of King Penguins outside of the Sub-Antarctic islands, making it incredibly unique and rare. This colony may be visited in one day by plane or in two days by boat from Punta Arenas.
Chilean Woodstar
The critically endangered Chilean Woodstar (world’s population estimated at 350 individuals) (The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2019)

Albatross Birding and Nature Tours is strongly involved in conservation issues in Chile, mainly supporting the research of Storm-petrels and lately the publication of the First Atlas of Nesting Birds of Chile. In addition, he participates actively in activities with the bird-handler community in Chile. Annually, Albatross Birding organizes special trips to raise funds for the projects carried out by the Birdwatching Network of Chile based in species conservation and research.

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