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At  ACTIO Birding  we are committed to offering nature tourism based on a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We understand nature tourism as ” one that meets the needs of current tourists and destination regions, while protecting and guaranteeing the activity for the future ” (UNWTO, definition of sustainable tourism).

Our activity tries to minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the natural environment, and to maximize the positive ones, applying  global sustainability criteria  in its planning and development (reduction of emissions through optimization of vehicles, reduction of the use of paper with paperwork on-line, use of resources and purchases of products of proximity and local commerce, compensation of CO 2 emissions  with tree plantations,…).

We value our natural heritage and, especially, the resource of birds as environmental indicators and as elements of awareness, using them to carry out awareness-raising tasks about the impacts that our actions have on fauna, flora and the natural environment both in the natural environment as in our daily life.

We understand that only environmentally responsible and sustainable offers, with knowledgeable and well-trained professionals, can avoid or reduce negative impacts and contribute to the conservation of the natural environment, especially birds and their habitats, and to the rural development of our land.

In all our activities we apply the  best practices in ornithological tourism  recommended by the initiative  “Iberaves, ornithological tourism”  of SEO / Birdlife  which we participate as recognized professionals.

Likewise, we seek the involvement of our collaborators, suppliers and of course clients, in this way of acting.

At  ACTIO Birding , we carry out Environmental Education activities   related to birds for all audiences, both in  “Family Birding” excursions  and in  specific activities  at the  ACTIO Environmental Education and Rural Tourism Center  and collaborate in  follow-up projects and study of birds  with other entities such as  SEO / Birdlife  or the  SVO.

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