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Living Doñana offers unique wildlife experiences led by local guides who will share their knowledge of the surroundings. Visitors will experience the wild side of nature in Doñana.

At this year’s Birdfair, Sergio Gonzalez Asian from Living Doñana, located Marquee 2, Andalucia Tourist Board Stand 8-9-10 will offer a discount of 15% and a donation of £ 50 to the Birdfair, until sold out.

“The Iberian Lynx Tour- Sierra de Andujar & Doñana” runs from 17th – 21st December 2018 or alternatively 7th to 11th January 2019. Normal price is £ 650 per person for five days. If you book during the Birdfair, you will pay just £ 550 and Living Doñana will donate £ 50 to the Birdfair cause!

This 5-day wildlife tour will visit the two natural areas where the most threatened feline still lives: the Iberian lynx. The itinerary will cross the holm oak and mountain pastures of the Andújar Natural Park in Sierra Morena covering bushes, gorges and the forests of Doñana where we will see remarkably interesting species that live alongside the Iberian Lynx.

Living Doñana Special Offer Terms & Conditions

The above offers will be available from the opening day of the Birdfair, Friday 17th August 2018 and needs to be booked during the Birdfair for the period from 17th to 21st December 2018 or alternatively 7th to 11th January 2019 until sold out. To reserve a place in this set departure tour mentioned above, and to book an appointment with Sergio Gonzalez Asian, please complete the enquiry form here within Living Doñana listing page.

Living Doñana aims to not only take you to experience the wildlife but also the nature that surrounds you. Living Doñana will share their knowledge of wildlife evolution and how the habitats have changed in Doñana over the last century. Living Doñana organises guided bird watching in Andalucia tours from 1 day tours of up to several days and tailor made trips seeking the best wildlife Andalusia has to offer. More info

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