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Rwanda Safaris

Wildlife Tours Rwanda is a Rwanda Wildlife Tour Specialist, based in Kigali, the Capital city of Rwanda.

They specialise in high quality Rwanda wildlife tours, including birdwatching and Rwanda gorilla safari and trekking, that incorporate pro-poor tourism responsible tourism and ecotourism approaches in the development, operation and management of all tour packages. In addition, they organize cultural and community-based tours within Rwanda and other East African countries including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

They have 7 permanent employees and around 18 temporary employees working for the company. Many of their staff members speak fluent English and French.  One member of the team speaks German, Spanish and Dutch plus of course Kinyarwanda and Swahili.

The cultural and community-based tourism contributes 75% of the tourism revenues directly to local communities. In 2009, 88.6% of revenue went to local communities as direct benefits. Besides that, 12 local guides were trained and employed by the company. Schools, dispensaries, child-headed homes, widows of genocide, reformed perpetrators of genocides and women living with HIV/AIDS also benefited directly from their project tours.

The dream of the company is to see the majority of Rwandans benefit from tourism through employment, capacity building and empowering local communities to improve their livelihood, alleviate poverty and strengthen unity among the Rwandans. At the same time, they strive to build strong lasting relationships with their international visitors and global wildlife partners.

Primate Tour

rwanda gorilla safari
The 4 day tour presents the best of Rwanda’s famous biosphere reserve, home to

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Gorilla & Chimps

This 8 day tour incorporates several visits to the communities of Rwanda,

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Discover Rwanda

Wildlife Tours Rwanda
Trekking the Gorillas for 8 days in the PNV (Parc National de Volcans), a once in a life

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Rwanda Super Tour

Rwanda Wildlife - Shoebill Stork
For 14 days enjoy hospitable people, good tropical climate, rich history, diverse wildlife

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Rwanda Wildlife Tour

Muzamiru Kiyaga - Giraffe
For 15 days experience a Kigali safari modern setting, history and community and culture at the

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For more information about Rwanda safaris visit the  Wildlife Tours – Rwanda website.
Please note the Wildlife Tours - Rwanda reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Mountain Gorilla

Rwanda Mountain Gorilla
This primate species is listed on the IUCN red list of critically endangered species with less

Ruwenzori Colobus Monkeys

Rwanda Ruwenzori Colobus Monkey
The herbivorous Monkeys of genus Colobus, as they were once known, inhabit riverine,


Rwanda Chimpanzee
Chimps are an exclusively African species of extant great ape. Native to Sub-Saharan

Golden Monkeys

Rwanda Golden Monkeys
Golden Monkey is a species of the old world monkey found in the Virunga Volcanic

Handsome Francolin

Handsome Francolin in Nyungwe
The Handsome francolin is a dark reddish brown bird with grey head, red bill and legs,


Rwanda Lion in AKAGERA
Lions are the second largest species of the cat family Felidae. They are carnivores

African Elephants

Rwanda Elephant
African Elephants are the largest land animals living on earth. These endangered

Giant Nile Crocodiles

Wildlife Tours Rwanda - Crocodiles
The Nile Crocodile is the second largest extant reptile in the world. This giant reptile

The Giraffes

Akagera Giraffe - Wildlife Tours Rwanda
The longest mammal living on earth can stand up to 6 metres and weigh over 800 kg. The

Shoebill Stork

Wildlife Tours Rwanda - Shoebill Stork
This is a large stork that is classified in the order ciconiformes. Its name is

Wildlife Tours Rwanda Conservation

Wildlife Tours-Rwanda provides exceptional educational and experiential tours with professional guides and interpreters.

The community-based wildlife and cultural tours are organised and managed by local people and the company facilitates the established tourism cooperatives, steering and development committees with sustainable projects; minimizing negative tourism and conservation impacts, to ensure equal benefit sharing and supports product development plus designing educational and experiential packages that contribute to conservation and sustainable development.

In the year 2009, 88.6% of revenues went to local communities as direct benefits. Besides that, 12 local guides were trained and employed by the company.  Schools, dispensaries, child-headed homes, widows of genocide, reformed perpetrators of genocides and women living with HIV/AIDS also benefited their project tours with contribution back to local communities.

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