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Birding Colombia

Uncover Colombia was established in January 2012 by a group of Colombians with over 10 years combined experience in birding Colombia, travel and tourism with one clear objective: to offer authentic tours to discover Colombia’s wildlife, incomparable natural beauty and rich cultural diversity.

Bogota Birding and Andean Birding Tours

Thanks to its wide variety of landscapes and weathers, Colombia is one of the countries with the highest biodiversity in the planet. Moreover, according to the experts, Colombia is the country with the highest number of bird species in the world with more than 1,900 native and migratory species. Therefore, at Uncover Colombia, they have concentrated their efforts to ensure the portfolio of tours, including Bogota birding tours and Andean birding tours, to give customers the opportunity to see a wide range of bird species in Colombia.

If you love birding, they also want you to discover a bit more of Colombia’s culture and history, these tours will be the right option for you.

Uncover Colombia are committed to ensure our tour guides and experts, hotels and transportation are of the highest calibre to provide a high quality service with rapid response times, professional advice and competitive pricing.

East and Central Andes

Uncover Colombia
An exciting 10-day andean birding trip across the East and Central Andes of Colombia to discover the

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Caribbean Coast Birding

bogota birding tours
During this short 6-day Colombia birding tour to the Colombian Caribbean Coast, we will have

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Eastern Andes

Bogota Birding
This 6-day andean birding and Bogota birding tour is aiming to see a great number of bird species found in the

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Andean Cock of the rock

Andean Cock of the rock
This colourful bird is commonly seen inside montane and premontane forest. You will

Crested bobwhite

Crested bobwhite
The Crested Bobwhite is  a terrestrial bird widespread  across open areas.  You will

Rufous Browed Conebill

Rufous Browed Conebill
This small bird is near endemic to Colombia. It is found in the north of the Easter Andes  of

Blue-gray tanager

Colombia Blue-gray tanager
It is found in open woodland, cultivated areas and gardens across various regions in

Safron finch

Colombia Safron finch
This bird is widespread in open areas, farmlands and parks in towns . You will see it in various regions across Colombia.

Pale-naped Brush Finch

Pale-naped Brush Finch
Found in the paramo and woodlands in Central and Eastern Andes of Colombia,

Scarlet-bellied mountain-tanager

Scarlet-bellied mountain-tanager
This bird is commonly found in paramo and dry open woodland. You will probably

Tropical mockingbird

Uncover Colombia Tropical mockingbird
The Tropical Mockingbird lives in semi-humid and dry open areas, woodland and forest

Dusky-throated Antshrike

Dusky-throated Antshrike
This conspicuous bird lives in the Colombian Amazon. It is usually found in terra firme

 Other Wildlife

Bogota Rail (Rallus semiplumbeus), Santa Marta Antpitta (Grallaria bangsi), Chestnut-winged chachalaca (Ortalis garrula), Santa Marta Mountain Tanager (Anisognathus melanogenys), Santa Marta Bush-tyrant (Myiotheretes pernix),  Apolinar’s Marsh Wren (Cistothorus apolinari), Silvery-throated spinetail (Synallaxis subpudica), Santa Marta Warbler (Basileuterus basilicus), Santa Marta Brush-finch (Atlapetes melanocephalus), Cauca Guan (Penelope perspicax)

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