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Safari Holidays

Are you thinking travel? A traveler reaching out to the horizons? Or a couple on honeymoon with a whole new world before you? Are you a couple in retirement with a desire to wrap the golden sunset of Africa around your shoulders? Or a family knitting the threads of love that bind you together in bonds that cannot be broken?

Then join Tinyoni Safaris on this African journey to experience a safari holiday built just for you. They believe safari holidays should be a unique experience tailored to your needs. Everyone has different desires and dreams, and they want your tailor made wildlife safari to be as unique as you are.

Tinyoni Safaris is a family owned and operated business based in Kampala on the shores of the world’s second biggest lake and an hour’s drive from the Nile, the longest river on planet earth. Tinyoni means “Birds” in “Siswati” and they are proud to go about their daily service with a song in their hearts and a bird’s eye view when planning their guests’ wildlife vacation to Africa.

Uganda Wildlife

Tinyoni Safaris specialise in tailor made safaris holidays to ensure they place you at the centre of the Uganda wildlife adventure. Some of their activities include family safaris, birdwatching, photo safaris, game safaris, mountain gorilla safaris, chimp tracking, white water rafting and mountaineering among others. Their guides are professional with years of experience.

Gorilla Safaris

Gorilla safaris are one of the most popular Uganda wildlife adventures, and a 5 day gorilla trekking experience will live with you forever as only a few will ever meet the mountain gorilla as you journey through Lake Mburo, Lake Bunyonyi and Bwindi Impenetrable National.

They possess a deep knowledge and love of nature as well as being passionate about Uganda, its extraordinary people, abundant wildlife and ecosystem. In all their work, it is their belief that people and their well-being are critical to the conservation of, as well as future enjoyment and preservation of the heritage they are blessed with. To this end, Tinyoni Safaris seeks to build relationships with and contribute to the communities where they venture on safari.

That way, every safari contributes to the future vacation of future generations.

The Kampala Loop Safari

Vincent Mugaba - Tinyoni Safaris - Tour 5 - Serena Lake Victoria Hotel - Blue Sky Wildlife
Are you in Kampala for a business meeting or conference? This is your 1 day 

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Tropical Surf Safari

Vincent Mugaba - Tinyoni Safaris - Tour 3 - tourists on Nile - Blue Sky Wildlife
For 3 days go to the Ssese Islands and enjoy these beautiful and unspoilt islands.

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Gorilla Tracking and Batwa Culture

A 5 day gorilla safaris experience that will live with you forever. There are only 880

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Family Safaris

Vincent Mugaba - Tinyoni Safaris - Tour 1 - Landing Page - Elephant - Blue Sky Wildlife
Take your family on a 9 day discovery of the Pearl. This Uganda wildlife tour can be

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Ultimate Wildlife Discovery Safari

Vincent Mugaba - Tinyoni Safaris - Tour 4 - Lion moves on after buffalo breakfast - Blue Sky Wildlife
Customise your ultimate 12 day safari and take your pick of the park. For years Discovery, CNN,

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For more safaris holidays and Uganda wildlife tours visit the Tinyoni Safaris website

Please note the Tinyoni Safaris reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Mountain Gorilla

stephen kaboha - Tinyoni Safaris - Wildlife -Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi -Blue sky wildlife
Mountain Gorillas are a critically endangered species only found in three countries

Shoebill Stork

Blue Sky Wildlife Coming Soon Image
Known for its distinct shoe-like beak, the shoebill is a tall bird ranging from 110cm to 152cm


Vincent Mugaba - Tinyoni Safaris - Wildlife - Chimp in the tree - Blue Sky Wildlife
Chimps are humans’ closest relative. They share over 98% of our genetic code and have

Rothschild’s giraffe

Vincent Mugaba - Tinyoni Safaris - Wildlife - Rothchild's Giraffes near Nile - Blue Sky Wildlife
Tall, graceful and beautiful, the Rothschild’s giraffe is one of the most endangered giraffe

Uganda Kob

Vincent Mugaba - Tinyoni Safaris - Wildlife - Uganda Kob - Blue Sky Wildlife
The Uganda Kob known by its reddish-brown coat with white under surfaces. Only the males

Three-horned chameleone

Three-horn Chameleon Uganda
The three-horned chameleon, also known as Johnston’s chameleon, is an East-African

Uganda Red colobus monkey

Vincent Mugaba - Tour 2 - Wildlife - Tinyoni Safaris - Uganda Red Colobus Monkey - Blue Sky Wildlife
Unlike other monkeys, the Red Colobus monkey has no thumb, a distinct identification mark.

Tree Climbing Lion

Blue Sky Wildlife Coming Soon Image
Tree climbing among lions is very rare with only two populations in the world

Crowned Crested Crane

Blue Sky Wildlife Coming Soon Image
Simply known as the crested crane locally, this bird is Uganda’s national bird. It is also

White Rhino

Blue Sky Wildlife Coming Soon Image
Rhinos were once abundant in Uganda but were poached to extinction. However,

Tinyoni Safaris Nile Boat Tour

Tinyoni Safaris Uganda does not have any conservation news at present to share.

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