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Peru Amazon Tours

The crees foundation has been working in Manu for over a decade as a conservation and sustainable development organisation and uses responsible ecotourism to support their work on the ground.

This in depth knowledge of the region makes their Peru Amazon tours totally unique. Led by conservation experts, these tours (including Peru birding tours) reveal the wildlife of one of the most biodiverse places on the planet but most importantly provide guests with a deeper understanding of the issues and threats that face this fragile part of the Amazon. Learn how they are working to resolve this through conservation, ecotourism, research and sustainable community initiatives. Meet the scientists in the field and see their work first hand as well as meeting the local community members struggling to live in harmony with their environment.

Their specialist wildlife Peru Amazon tours take you on a breath-taking journey through the whole of Manu, from their research station the Manu Learning Centre on the banks of the Madre de Dios river, right into the heart of the Manu National Park where there is the chance of seeing the elusive Jaguar or the Giant River Otter on one of the many oxbow lakes. This region of the Amazon boasts some of the most unusual and rare avian species, many endemic to Manu and visitors can experience one of the most incredible clay licks teeming with incredible birdlife.

crees foundation offer a truly unique responsible ecotourism experience in the heart of the Amazon surrounded by magnificent wildlife.

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Wildlife Uncovered

Fran Lewis - crees foundation - wildlife - Squirrel monkey - CRJ - IMG_5360 - Blue Sky Wildlife
This trip takes you through Manu on a wonderful wildlife experience. Led by specialist

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The Amazon Birder

Fran Lewis - crees foundation - tour 2 - the amazon birder - Blue Sky Wildlife
This trip is for keen birder’s and is arguably one of the best. Manu is teeming with birdlife

From £2,030 – View Itinerary

Manu Explorer

Fran Lewis - crees foundation - tour 3 - manu explorer - nature trails - Blue Sky Wildlife
This trip allows you to really relax and experience the beauty of the National Park’s

From £1,970 – View Itinerary

The Legacy Traveller

Fran Lewis - crees foundation - conservation - agroforestry work - Blue Sky Wildlife
This tour is a guided conservation tour for those wanting to be more hands on

From £1,120 – View Itinerary

The Manu Classic

Fran Lewis - crees foundation - tour 5 - wildlife - Cock of the Rock - Blue Sky Wildlife
This is a wildlife experience for those short of time yet covers all the essentials of a trip to the

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For more Peru Amazon Tours visit the crees foundation website.
Please note the crees foundation reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

White-leaf tree frog

This arboreal (tree climbing) species is found residing on plants alongside permanent

Manu poison frog

This medium size poison dart frog is found throughout the Manu Learning Centre reserve.


This species is thought to be one of the oldest bird lineages remaining on earth, largely


This solitary species uses its stunning ornate plumage as a warning signal when

Heliconius butterfly

This butterfly uses its striking colouration as a warning signal of their cyanide toxins for

Clear-winged butterfly

This species is often found fluttering up and down the primary forest trails of the

Brown Titi Monkey

The more often heard than seen, Titi Monkeys are frequently encountered in and

Black-capped squirrel Monkey

Whilst they are not the largest primate found here at the Manu Learning Centre (that

Amazon Racerunner 

These medium to large sized lizards are resident in and around the Manu Learning

Common Peru Blind Snake

Whilst this beautiful snake is apparently common within the Manu Learning Centre’s

Other Peru Wildlife

Three Toed Sloth, Andean cock-of-the-rock, Macaw parrots, Spotted Hummingbird, Spider Monkey, Rufous Crested Coquette, Masked Trogon, Woolly Monkey, Jaguars, Caiman,, Monkey Frog, Giant river otters, Ocelot, South American Tapir, White Lipped Peccary, Capybara, Caiman, Glass Frog, Monkey Frog, Salamander, Amazonian Sheep Frog, Twist Necked Turtle, Coral Pipe Snake, Amazonian Sheep Frog, Clown Tree Frog, Yellow Footed Tortoise, Horned Forest Dragon, Golden Tegu, Rainbow Boa, Amazon Tree Boa, Acuatic Coral Snake, Western Striped Forest Pit Viper, Fer-de-Lance, Amazon Bushmaster, Orchid Bea, Katydid, Leaf Cutter Ants, Leaf Mimicking Mantis, Tailess Whip Scorpion, Emerald Toucanet, Endangered Blue Headed Macaw, Scarlet Macae, Crested Eagle, Harpey Eagle, Plumbeous Kite, Spix Guan, White-eyed Parakeet, Colbalt-winged Parakeet


Fran Lewis - crees foundation - conservation - agroforestry work - Blue Sky Wildlife

All of the crees foundation tours have a central focus on conservation.

Run by the Crees Foundation, the tours are led by conservation experts running ongoing scientific research and community initiatives in Manu.

The scientific researchers monitor the species at two sites, one is the buffer zone of the reserve at the Manu Learning Centre and the other at Romero in the heart of the National Park. Results generate important knowledge about the value, and potential value of biodiversity, ecosystem services and socio-economic initiatives for local communities, businesses and the Peruvian government.

The knowledge generated by their research fuels the foundation’s Enterprise Programme that supports local community members to develop sustainable business models, achieving the creation of 10 new sustainable enterprises in 2015 through approximately USD$50,000 of micro-finance loans. This programme provides the capital, training and resources local entrepreneurs need to form and grow a sustainable business that transform local resources in a sustainable way.

It works one-to-one with local community members under the leadership of a local entrepreneur and sustainable visionary, Reynaldo Ochoa. He accompanies community members through all the early stages and struggles of building their business models. It engages in mirco-farming (biogardens), sustainable agroforestry, ecotourism and ecosystem service business models.

Crees foundation’s work with the Peruvian government helps build environmental education into formal curriculum at secondary school level. As well as this, provides an education outreach programme that takes local students out into the forest with biologists, tour guides and sustainability experts. They also work with local technical institutes in course development and practical training as well providing the wider civic society fun and engaging information about the value of biodiversity, its role in ecosystems and how it could be managed sustainably.

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