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Tabin Wildlife Resort

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Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Venture into wild Borneo and be embraced by mother-nature.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve is the largest Wildlife Reserve in Malaysia with its 300,000 acres of Dipterocarp rainforest which is home to extraordinary biodiversity. The Tabin wildlife reserve is a dedicated ground for the breeding of wildlife and birdlife, including the highly endangered Sumatran Rhino, Borneo Pygmy elephant, and the Tembadau.

The Tabin Wildlife Resort authentic Borneo jungle lodges will compliment visitors’ stay at the reserve resort Borneo. Offering an incomparable blend of adventure and comfort, the essence of Tabin’s exotic charm can be truly felt at the resort and within the reserve.  Tabin is one of the best places in Sabah to observe the rich bio-diversity of nature and delve into breathtaking nature-based activities.  Popular things to do in Tabin are exploring the mud volcano, jungle-trekking, a Tabin wildlife safari, night walk, wildlife-spotting, Borneo birding and rainforest education.

Borneo Birding

Tabin is a bird watching paradise because of its rich diversity of bird life. It has more than 300 species of birds including 8 species of Hornbills and 13 species endemic birds of Borneo.

Tabin Wildlife Safari

Tabin Wildlife Tours
This is a 3 day Tabin wildlife safari in a beautiful lowland Dipterocarp forest of the Tabin

From RM 2,370 – View Itinerary

Tabin Birdwatching Trip

Tabin Wildlife - Wildlife - Rhinoceroes Hornbill - Blue Sky Wildlife
This 3-day birding trip focuses on the lowland Dipterocarp Forests of Tabin Wildlife

From RM 3,160 – View Itinerary

Tabin Frog Tour

Tabin Frog Camp
This is a 3 day frogging camp based at Tabin which is home to approximately 26

From RM 2,400. – View Itinerary

Rainforest Conservation Borneo

Rainforest Conservation Borneo
The rainforest conservation Borneo 3 day package offers visitors the chance to

Contact Directly – View Itinerary

Tabin Birdwatching Tour

Birding Tabin
This 4 day Borneo birding tour focuses on the lowland Dipterocarp Forests of the

From RM 3,600 – View Itinerary

Overnight @ Tabin Mud Volcano

Resort Borneo
A 4 day programme combining a 2 night stay in the Tabin Wildlife Resort and 1 night at

From RM 3,000 – View Itinerary

For more Tabin Wildlife Reserve experiences visit the Tabin Wildlife Resort website
Please note Tabin Wildlife Resort reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Pygmy Elephant

Pygmy Elephants
The Borneo Pygmy elephant is a subspecies of elephant in the Elephantidae family. They are

Clouded Leopard

Tabin Reserve Wildlife
The Bornean Clouded Leopard is the largest land predator inBorneo and possesses the

Borneon Crested Fireback

Borneon Crested Fireback
After Argus, the second most common Borneon Pheasant found in lowland and hill forest areas throughout Borneo.

Gould’s Frogmouth

Tabin Wildlife
Rare but widespread in lowland and hill primary forest throughout Borneo. Sexes

Blue Headed Pitta

Borneo Bird Watching
A locally common inhabitant of lowland primary and longed forest.

White-Crowned Shama

White-crowned Shama
Similar in habits and habitat to the White-Rumped Shama but confined to Sabah and North

Yellow-Rumped Flowerpecker

Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker
Common in all types of forest throughout Borneo from the lowland to the hills. Recorded

Oriental Pied Hornbill

Oriental Pied Hornbill
More commonly found on islands and in coastal and secondary forests than other

Rhinoceroes Hornbill

Rhinoceroes Hornbill
Found in primary forests throughout Borneo and heavily hunted for their feathers used

White-Crowned Hornbill

Crowned Hornbill
The rarest and most carnivorous of the hornbills. Prefers dense and shrubby

Conservation Borneo

The Tabin Rainforest Conservation Borneo Tour is a tree planting activity.  Each guest will plant, name and record a tree they plant in Tabin. By planting trees, guests are able to contribute directly and personally in conserving the rainforest.

Tabin also focuses on sustainable and responsible tourism such as a waste management.  Tabin Resort reuse, reduce and recycle whenever possible. The use of eco-friendly products which are bio-degradable detergents and enzyme based products are used for cleaning and maintaining the resort. The resort treats waste water and substance with an effective Micro organism (EM) as well as the control of energy consumption. Local products are used where possible to reduce carbon footprint and to stimulate local economy.

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