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Shetland Nature is a Five Star accredited tour company who’s small-group Shetland birding, wildlife and photography holidays specialise solely in the Shetland Islands. Their itineraries are aimed at visitors with an interest or passion for nature and the outdoors who appreciate a company whose ethos is built around their responsibility to Shetland wildlife, sharing knowledge and promoting awareness through a high level of visitor experience.

With the company having been established and evolved around the perspective of a native Shetlander, inspired by a lifetime of knowledge of the islands and Shetland wildlife visitors can truly discover a unique and authentic Shetland experience.

At the forefront of their birding Scotland tours, their guides are not only part of the team through their expertise but equally their personalities, leadership qualities and people skills. These qualities ensure each wildlife tour is led in a team spirited way so that neither novice nor expert feels out of place and the encounters, educational insight and attention to detail combine to create an unforgettable visitor experience.

Many of Shetland Nature itineraries feature multiple guides, each bringing a unique area of expertise to an itinerary that offers a wide range of attractions such as wildlife, Shetland photography holidays, geology, cultural heritage and walks in Shetland. They run packaged week long holidays suitable for all levels of interests and also wide range of tailor made and bespoke packages for exclusive itineraries.


Shetland Nature Experience Holiday

The Shetland Nature Experience
The flagship spring/summer Shetland wildlife 8 day adventure features the islands

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Walk Seven Shetland Islands Holiday

Puffin Seascape
8 day walking nature holiday designed for guests seeking a more leisurely nature

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Shetlands Nature Photography Holiday

Brydon Thomason - Gannets bill fencing courtship
These unique 7 day Shetland photography holiday and workshop are designed to

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Tailored Photography Itinerary

Atlantic Puffins
Bespoke programs are a real speciality of Shetland Nature for photographers. These

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Autumn Shetland Birding

Shetland Nature Birding
For 7 days targeting Shetlands magical migration seasons. There is something truly special

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For more birding Scotland tours visit the Shetland Nature website.

Eurasian Otter

Eurasian Otters
Shetland is home to Europe’s highest density of this wonderfully charismatic

Atlantic Puffin

Shetland Puffins
Beauty, charisma, personality and entertainment. A species that can be found in many

Great Skua

Great Skua
Shetlands remote and unspoilt wilderness areas are home to over 50% of this iconic seabird.

Atlantic Gannet

There are few better known seabirds in the world. With a wingspan just shy of 6ft,

European Storm Petrel

Blue Sky Wildlife Coming Soon Image
A species that carries with it a real air of mystery and enigma. One of the world’s smallest

Red-throated Diver

Shetland Nature - Red-throated diver display
Very much a species of northern moorland and blanket bog. In the British Isles this is a

Red-necked Phalarope

Shetland Birds
Although Red-necked phalaropes are quite common breeding species across the

Killer Whale

Scotland Killer whale
Killer Whale or Orca are seen in Shetland all year round. Summer tends to be best time

Minke Whale

Blue Sky Wildlife Coming Soon Image
The most commonly seen whale in Shetland waters. Minke can be seen in any

Edmonstones Chickweed

Blue Sky Wildlife Coming Soon Image
Found here and nowhere else in the world, this beautiful little endemic sub-Arctic alpine

Other Wildlife

With such a broad ranging diversity of habitats throughout Shetlands environment there are species and spectacles for all wildlife enthusiasts and experts; from vast open spaces of unspoilt blanket bog and heath with moorland breeding shorebirds to breathtaking ‘seabird cities’ crowded onto some of the most spectacular sea cliffs in the world.

Each season brings new life and something special; wintering birdlife from the north such as sea ducks, shorebirds and wildfowl; summer breeding birds as mentioned above and of course the islands are a hot spot for migrating birds in spring and autumn.

Shetland Photography - Gannet colony on Hermaness

Shetland Nature as nature professionals have a major responsibility to wildlife and the environment. They take great pride in communicating and promoting a responsible approach through what they do. Similarly Shetland Nature feel it equally as important that they should support those who mange, protect and support the habitats, reserves and species which feature so prominently throughout the holidays and tours they run.

They also actively support the International Otter Survival Fund.


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