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Wildlife and Dolphin Tours Greece

Natural Greece are a licensed tour operator who specialise in nature-based guided tours throughout Greece. The passionate team’s main goal is to show you the best of Greece’s flora and fauna and other an extensive range of birdwatching tours, bear tours, marine eco tours, walking tours and wildflower tours, which include wild bear tracking and sea-turtle volunteering.

The wildlife tours include flora related explorations, such as botanical and wildflower tracking, and fauna related ones, like bear searching, bird watching and marine eco trips in the most breathtaking corners of Greece.

The team includes professional tour guides and experienced ecologists, ready to lead, assist and share all nature related information. By operating exclusively in Greece, these locally established trips always benefit the right people, as they minimise “tourism leakage” from local economy and do not include intermediaries. Natural Greece offers more activities at lower rates!

Small group tours are perfect for those who enjoy private adventures and exploring at their own pace. The chances of spotting various species increase during these personalized tours!

The real wonders of Greece lie away from the tourist trails. The nature tours include activities that will introduce you to Greece’s unique culture and lifestyle. Travel like a local, not an outsider!

When choosing Natural Greece, you also assist local wildlife charities and jobs, preserving their culture and environments. Economic opportunities are created as travelers support Greek nature conservation. You will also stay in small scale, family owned accommodations, consuming locally produced food!

Brown Bear Tracking Tour

Brown Bear Tracking Tour
A 5-day brown bear tour in Northern Pindos, a never-ending natural beauty, home to From €550 – View Itinerary

Dolphin Tour and Volunteering

Northern Greece Dolphin Volunteering Expedition
A 7-day dolphin tour joining the conservationist team in

From €750 – View Itinerary

Northern Greece Birdwatching Holiday

Northern Greece Birdwatching Holiday
A unique small-group, 8-day birdwatching Greece tour in one of the most beautiful regions From €950 – View Itinerary

Greek Wildlife Conservation Tour

Eurasian Brown Bear
This 8-day conservation tour begins with an exciting bear trail following excursion in the From €800 – View Itinerary

Sea Turtle Conservation Tour

Sea Turtle Conservation Tour
A 9-day conservation tour that aims to protect Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta). This From €750 – View Itinerary
For more information about wildlife and dolphin tours visit the Natural Greece website.
Please note the Natural Greece reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Dalmatian Pelican

Northern Greece Birdwatching Holiday - Dalmatian Pelican
This largest pelican species with a wingspan of up to 3.5m (11ft6in) will take your breath

Cinereous Vulture

Cinereous Vulture
The Cinereous Vulture or Eurasian black Vulture is an imposing, broad-winged

Spur-winged Plover

Spur-winged plover
Known as either a Spur-winged lapwing or Spur-winged plover. These waders with black

Pygmy Cormorant

Pygmy cormorant
This threatened species has a relatively large distribution in Northern Greece wetlands such

Eurasian Brown Bear

Eurasian Brown Bear
Bears in Greece are found in two main core populations: the Pindos population covering a

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Conservation Tour
3 Sea Turtle species can be regularly found in the Mediterranean (loggerheads,

Short-beaked Common Dolphin

Northern Greece Dolphin Volunteering Expedition - Short-beaked common dolphin
Cetacean that can be 11ft/3.35m long and weigh up to 440lb/200kg! Currently, there

Mediterranean Monk Seal

Mediterranean monk seal
Rarest seal and one of the rarest mammals on this earth. They belong to the Phokidae or

European Green Lizard

This large green lizard is native to south-eastern Europe where it feeds mainly on insects.

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis
Purple coloured migratory bird that can be encountered in the wetlands of Greece.

Other Wildlife

There are many reptiles in the country with 59 reptile species, thus Greece is the absolute European champion in this respect. Spur-thighed Tortoise,Hermann’s Tortoise,European Pond Terrapin,Balkan Pond Terrapin,Common Wall Lizard,Balkan Wall Lizard, European Grass Snake.

When it comes to flora Greece beats all other European countries with its many species and sub-species (over 6000 and counting) and 15% endemic! Asperula aristata spp. thessala, Acinos alpinus ssp. Nomismophyllus,Marsilea quadrifolia, Najas gracillima,Riccia fluitans, Ricciocarpus natans, Azolla filiculoides,Crepis conyzifolia, Ornithogalum bucheanum, Peucedanum aequiradium, Peucedanum officinale, Stachys officinalis,Minuartia saxifraga, Salvinia natans, Trapa natans, Viola stojanowii.

Mammals: Golden Jackal, European Wild cat, Otter, Red Fox, Coypu.

Brown Bear Tracking Tour

Natural Greece uses tourism as a major tool for nature conservation by integrating a variety of activities and programs during its wildlife explorations.

In collaboration with the charity organization Callisto, the Bear conservation aims at preserving the rare brown bears and raising awareness about maintaining the region’s biodiversity. Bear tracking does not include baiting or other means of exploitation, as to not disrupt the natural behaviour of the wildlife. Finally, the tour price includes a donation that is offered to Callisto to protect endangered species.

Dolphin conservation strives to preserve marine life and protect and study the four endangered dolphin species. The travel package includes donation to the Greek charity Mom, which also aspires to protect the Mediterranean monk seal, by safely and carefully observing their behaviour and population in order to gain more knowledge about them. Swimming alongside dolphins and seals is forbidden, as it disturbs their natural behaviour and the team’s research activities. Preserving its coastal environment is essential for both the island’s and the fauna’s well-being.

Finally, The Greece Eco Volunteering Vacation and the Greece Sea Conservation holiday is all about volunteering for the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece Archelon. Either at the Sea Turtle Rescue centre or at the sandy beaches, protecting the nests. A donation to the sea turtle charity is included in your holiday!

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