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Indian Wildlife Tours

My Wild India was established in 2011 as a wildlife and nature photography specialist tour operator for eco tourists with a passion for the real wild and sometimes little known places of India, from the wildlife photography point of view.

Launched by wild life photographer and travel writer Pralay Lahiry, My Wild India were later joined by photographer Sougata De and trekker Shobitro Chatterjee.

My Wild India assures visitors of truly authentic Indian wildlife tours throughout India. They have been working with Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks for many years, have the requisite local knowledge and contacts to give clients an Indian wildlife experience with a difference. Indian wildlife tours offered are typically 12 or 13 days and range from seeing the big five of the Indian wildlife to rare species of birds.

India Tours

Working with grassroots-level local people the money spent by donators reaches them. This is vital for conservation, since these are the people who would now turn protector for the flora and fauna of your National Park. They have worked hand in hand with Indian as well as International conservationists, wildlife photographers, travel writers and NGOs. Hence they know and have the expertise to provide their custom requirements for India tours, full security for all including women travelers and foreigners.

Birding India

From Bengal Floricans to Jerdon’s Babbler, Himalayan Griffons to Lesser Fish Eagle, from Baikal Teal to White-fronted Goose a birding India photography tour will leave you thirsty for more. The Himalayan bird species like Fire-tailed Sunbird, Himalayan Monal, Fire-tailed Myzornis with their brilliant colours are a must for any Birding India photography tour. The majesty of Lammergieres, Pallas’ Fish eagle, Golden Eagle are any bird photographer’s dream. My Wild India provides a single umbrella  for most of these species in their exquisite bird photography tour of India. These Birding India tours can be customised as per your requirement and budget, with mix & match of various destinations covered by us.

My Wild India

My Wild India might not be able to provide you with luxuries of a one, two or five star comfort but promise to give you a wild yet safe experience of a million stars twinkling above you while you listen to the sound of deer voicing their alarm call upon spotting the striped king while the wind ripples the leaves of the jungle. It is for you to disengage from the humdrum of civilization as they know it and they are the means to help live that real life experience.

North East Extravaganza

Over 13 days watch the big five of the Indian wildlife: Rhinos, Elephants,

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Delightful North East

Experience 13 Days with the highest concentration of wild Rhinos on the planet.

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Jungles & Mountains

Take 13 Days to re-live the hay days of the British Raj among verdant tea gardens

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Jungle Book

See the wild dogs hunting in packs throughout this 13 Day Tour. This is the

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Mangrove To Mountains

It’s not just another forest but an experience with this 12 Day Tour with the only

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For more Indian wildlife tours visit the My Wild India website

Indian Rhinoceros

The Indian Rhinoceros is a rhinoceros native to the Indian subcontinents.

Hard Ground Barasinga

Kanha is the last refuge of the rare Hard Ground Barasingha. It is commonly sighted

Wild Water Buffalo

The Wild Water Buffalo is a large bovine native to India and South-east Asia.

Swamp Tiger

This is the Royal Bengal Tiger. However due to the terrain being muddy and

Great Hornbill

The Great Hornbill is a large canopy-dwelling bird belonging to the Bucerotidae 

Pallas’ Fish Eagle

It has a light brown hood over a white face. The wings are dark brown and the back rufous,

Black-Capped Kingfisher

This kingfisher is about 28 centimeters (11 in) long. The adult has a purple-blue

Fire-Tailed Sunbird

The Fire-tailed Sunbird is a species of sunbird in the Nectariniidae family.

Western Hoolock Gibbon

This is the only ape found in the Indian sub-continent. They are exclusively arboreal

Golden Langur

The coat of the adult Golden Langur ranges from cream to golden;

Other Indian Wildlife

Assam Macaque, Barasinga, Barking Deer, Blue Magpie, Capped Langur, Chital, Chital Deer, Dhol (wild dog), Estuarine Crocodile, Feral Horse, Fishing cat, Gangetic River Dolphin, Gaur (Indian Bison), Green Magpie, Hog Deer, Honey Buzzard, King Cobra, Lammergiere, Laughing Thrushes, Leopard, Mangrove Pitta, Nilgai, Pig-tailed Macaque, Red-billed Leothrix, Sambar, Sloth Bear, Spotted Deer, Stump-tailed Macaque, Swamp Deer, Water Monitor Lizard, Western Hoolock Gibbon, Yellow throated Marten, Yuhinas


Conservation works only when the monetary benefits percolate to the people who are working or living along the fringes of the forest. My Wild India works exclusively in conjunction with these people. In Pobitora we provide eco-tourism with local people who are involved in the conservation of Indian Rhinos. In Kaziranga we provide awareness campaign for foresters and actively work for eco-tourism which is eco in the truest sense. In Sundarbans the safari boats are provided by the local villagers benefitting them directly. In Okhrey, Sikkim we provide homestays benefitting the local villagers which help in conserving Himalayan birds and mammal species.

Awareness is the key for any conservation effort. My Wild India is directly involved in spreading conservation awareness by conducting workshops in schools, clubs, corporate houses and various strata of society. We also arrange interactive talk shows in our office discussing different conservation aspects.

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