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Dunedin Wildlife Tours

Get closer to unique southern ocean wildlife with this award-winning company. Monarch Wildlife Cruises and Tours who are the only scheduled cruise company in Dunedin, offering a variety of Dunedin Wildlife Tours via boat/bus trips from the city with the beautiful Otago Peninsula tour, going to Otago Harbour and around Taiaroa Head.  Spot wading, water and land birds both native and introduced. Enjoy penguin experience New Zealand. See great views of hills, harbour, inlets and coast.

This is New Zealand’s cool coast, stretching south to the subantarctic islands where you can see cold water species like kelp, cormorants, penguins, petrels, albatross and seals.  New Zealand claims to be “sea-bird HQ of the world” and Dunedin claims to be NZ’s “wildlife capital”. The Northern Royal Albatross are spectacular, one of the world’s biggest birds – and this is the only place you can see albatross on a mainland anywhere in the world.

Monarch Wildlife Cruises offer incredible Dunedin Wildlife Tours views of the albatross from their boat and link you with the Royal Albatross Centre to look over their nests.  They also link up with Penguin Place New Zealand to see Yellow-eyed Penguins and with Pukekura Little Blue Penguin viewing after dark.

Monarch Wildlife Cruises caters for all kinds of visitors providing warm jackets, binoculars, and species sheets in 10 languages.  All tours have commentary and free transfers from hotels, motels, etc.

Summer Sunrise Tour

Monarch Wildlife
This private early morning day tour starts from an exclusive beachfront hide at Penguin

From NZ$ 650 – View Itinerary

Summer Sunset Tour

Otago Peninsula Premier Tour
This private late evening wildlife tour will explore hills and inlets (Royal spoonbills,

From NZ$ 650 – View Itinerary

Otago Peninsula Wildlife Package

otago peninsula tour
Departs from Fryatt Street. In summer there are two trips a day with scenic cruise

From NZ$ 250 – View Itinerary

Wildlife Cruise

monarch wildlife cruises
Departs from Weller’s Rock Wharf and in summer there are five or six trips a day while in

From NZ$ 53 – View Itinerary

Yellow-eyed Penguin Combo

New Zealand Yellow Eyed Penguin
A great wildlife cruise plus a tour of the Yellow-eyed Penguin conservation reserve! Embark

From $97 – View Itinerary

For more Dunedin wildlife tours visit the Monarch Wildlife Cruises & Tours website.

Please note the Monarch Wildlife Cruises & Tours reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Northern Royal Albatross (Toroa)

Royal Albatros
One of the biggest flying birds (3 metre-plus wingspan). Breed only every two years, as

NZ Furseal (Kekeno)

NZ Furseal
Population recovering after sealing slaughter in early 1800s – their dense fur being used

NZ Sealion (Whakahao)

NZ Sealion
Rare and confined mainly to subantarctic Auckland Islands. They started breeding on

Hectors Dolphin (Aihe, Pahu and others)

Hectors Dolphin
One of the world’s smallest and rarest dolphins (only 1.2 – 1.5 metres long). They live in small

Southern Royal Albatross (Toroa)

Southern Royal Albatross
They are the biggest flying bird, along with wandering albatross with a wingspan of

Yellow-eyed Penguin (Hoiho)

Yellow Eyed Penguin
The rarest penguin, with only a few thousand remaining. Threatened by predators and

Little Blue Penguin (Korora)

Little Blue Penguin
The world’s smallest penguin (30cm tall).  They readily adopt nest-box “burrows” which are

Stewart Island Shag (Kawau)

Otago Peninsula Wildlife
Two colour phases – pied and bronze. Blue eye ring and pink feet mark these as cold-water

Giant Petrel (Pangurunguru)

Giant Petre
The vulture of the southern ocean, they range along the NZ coast on their 2 metre wings,

Sooty Shearwater (Titi)


Sooty Shearwaters
Huge lines of dark-coloured Sooty Shearwaters are seen flying south in spring and north

Monarch Wildlife - Tours - Sundowner - Blue Sky Wildlife

Monarch Wildlife Ltd staff plant native trees annually to off-set carbon emissions and to improve habitat for little blue penguins, Sooty Shearwaters and native land-birds.

Monarch Wildlife Cruises offer optional tours to Penguin Place which is a private conservation reserve which has done a great deal of work in providing nesting shelters and replanting trees for yellow-eyed penguins to nest under, plus providing a “penguin hospital” for birds that need medical attention or supplementary feeding. Guides tell guests of the endangered status of these penguins and what else is being done to help the species by Department of Conservation and Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust.

Optional tours to Royal Albatross Centre.  This is very special for conservation and research purposes, being the world’s only albatross colony on a mainland.  The Department of Conservation rangers monitor and manage the population and visitors are told about the species and their conservation program.

Other rare, endangered species are seen on their cruises and tours – Hector’s Dolphins and NZ Sea-lion being two which includes skippers’ commentaries covering their conservation stories.  Bus drivers often cover the issues facing NZ animal and plant species and the work being done to help them on all the tours offered e.g. reforestation and predator control.       

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