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Kapiti Island Nature Tours

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New Zealand Island Nature Tours

Kapiti Island Nature Tours is a family business offering Kapiti Island tours, Kapiti walks and many other things to do in Kapiti, totally surrounded by highest category New Zealand Kapiti Island nature reserve and the marine frontage, by a long established marine reserves NZ. They are located on Kapiti Island only a 50 minute drive north from Wellington city, with a further 15 minute water taxi trip from Paraparaumu Beach.

This truly unique wildlife location has enabled the family to grow-up with Kiwi, Takahe, Saddleback Kaka and many other highly endangered endemic New Zealand bird species. The eco lodge is really the family “batch” or NZ holiday home. They have modified this accommodation to provide family style hospitality, with great meals, NZ wine and beers and exceptional Kiwi hospitality.

Kapiti Island Nature Tours offer a beach side bungalow with bunk rooms, cabins and high quality “safari style” tents. They enjoy the company of nature enthusiasts from all points of the globe as well as a good representation of New Zealand wildlife lovers who are eager to experience natural New Zealand the way their forefathers might have experienced it. The guides are highly experienced and are very keen to share their knowledge and insights to the flora, fauna and history of their famous island home and experiences on Kapiti Island tours.

The family owned business has been present on Kapiti Island since 1824 and in 1897 the NZ Government established the island as Kapiti Island Nature Reserve and the Marine Reserve in 1992.  As a family they have been privileged to observe the unique conservation and protection reserve projects develop.  Kapiti Island Nature Tours has the only natural population of Little Spotted Kiwi below 1500 so the success rate of seeing one of these beautiful birds is very high! Kapiti Island is also home to NZ’s “big four” being the Kiwi, Kokako, Tieke (saddleback) and Hihi (stitchbird) – and with more and more species throughout the island. They offer Kapiti walks or hiking tracks and trails from comfortable to the strenuous with great scenery and a totally predator free environment for the native flora and fauna which is a real experience in New Zealand.

The most difficult part of their business is to describe the hospitality as they treat this wildlife business as a family responsibility. At Kapiti Island Nature Tours it is really all about the nature experiences and the people.

Kapiti Island Day Tour

Kapiti Island Tours Wildlife - Kokako
The one day Kapiti Island tour departs from Paraparaumu Beach at 9.00am and returns to the mainland From NZ$ 184 – View Itinerary

Overnight Kiwi Spotting

Kapiti Island Little Spotted Kiwi
This two day and one night stay at the Kapiti Nature Lodge starts at 9.00am and includes From NZ$ 393 – View Itinerary
For more information about New Zealand Island Nature Tours visit the Kapiti Island Nature Tours website.
Please note the Kapiti Island Nature Tours reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Little Spotted Kiwi

Kapiti Island Nature Tours - Wildlife - Little Spotted Kiwi
Kapiti Island supports the principle population of this, the smallest of our 6 families of

Kokako (Blue Wattled Crow)

Kapiti Island Wildlife
A large wonderful songbird with a clear haunting song that is beyond description.  Kokako

Kaka (Nth Island Bush Parrott)

A large olive-brown forest parrot with grey-white crown, bright red-orange underwing,

Tieke (Saddleback)

Kapiti Island Tieke Saddleback
A (thrush size) black songbird with a chestnut-coloured saddle across the back. As the

Hihi (Stitchbird)

Hihi (Stitchbird)
A large finch sized songbird with a slender down-curved blackish bill, striking white

Popokatea (Whitehead)

Kapiti Island Popokatea Whitehead
A sparrow sized chatterer, sometimes called a bush canary. Soft brown and fawn

Kakariki (red crowned parakeet)

Kapiti Island Tours
A medium small long-tailed parakeet with broad rounded wings, mainly green plumage,

Korimako (Bellbird)

Kapiti Island Bellbird
A medium (greenfinch sized) yellowish-green honeyeater with a short decurved black

Morepork (Ruru) Little owl

Kapiti Island Morepork Little Owl
The morepork is a small, compact, dark-brown owl. Its striking yellow to yellowish-


New Zealand Tui
A large dark honeyeater with a decurved black bill, dark brown eyes, black legs and

Other Wildlife

Kapiti Island also supports seven different lizard types. There are four different weta varieties, and discreet populations of the only indigenous mamal, Pekapeka a–long- tailed bat.

The Kapiti Island marine reserve supports seven different marine habitats and the reserve is simply a no-take/no disturbance zone, encompassing approximately 50% of the Island’s coastline.  The marine reserve is routinely visited by Orca. There is NZ Fur seal haul out within the Kapiti Marine reserve.  Snorkelling and scuba diving is extremely rewarding both within and outside of the Marine reserve, with abundant fish and marine vegetation varieties accessible.

Kapiti Island Conservation

Kapiti Island has been a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of native flora and fauna since 1897. The work to eradicate introduced pests began in the early 1900’s with the removal of sheep, deer, pigs, goats and cats.

In the 1980’s over 22,000 Possums were eradicated from Kapiti. When rats were finally eradicated in the 1990’s Kapiti became the largest island to ever be eradicated of rats, and a nature reserve completely free of all introduced pests and predators. Kapiti is now home to some of the most endangered species in New Zealand.

This includes Little Spotted Kiwi, Saddleback, Kokako, Takahe, Stitchbird, Kaka, Weka, Kakariki, Bellbird, Tui, Robin, Whitehead, and other species that now struggle to survive on the mainland of New Zealand. Regular monitoring of bait stations and traps continues to ensure the predator free status of Kapiti is protected.

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