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Birding New Zealand Tours

Habitat Tours NZ specialise in New Zealand ecotourism trips and birding New Zealand tours from Auckland, Habitat Tours prides itself on its small group tours to the ‘mainland island’ Tawharanui and the Waitakere Ranges.

With two Tawharanui tours on offer – a full day tour, and a day/night tour.  Tawharanui is home to a wide variety of NZ’s endemic and native birds, making a great location for birding New Zealand tours, and after dark birders can see some of New Zealand’s nocturnal birdlife such as the North Island Brown Kiwi, the Morepork, and the Pateke (brown teal). This visit is made all the more special with picturesque sandy beaches, stunning views of the gulf, and the protected bush area with a collection of native shrubs, ferns and trees, including the Kauri.

On the Waitakere Ranges tours, you’ll visit a lush rainforest less than an hour from Auckland city – but it feels like you’re hundreds of kilometres from any kind of metropolis. There are some unique birdlife here, although not as prolific as Tawharanui, and includes a visit to one of just three mainland gannet colonies in New Zealand.

Habitat Tours spends less time in the vehicle and more time in nature so that nature lovers can truly experience and enjoy New Zealand’s generous offering of unique wildlife and flora, with plenty of time for casual strolls and walks amongst these stunning destinations.


Waitakere Ranges Half Day Tour

Waitakere Ranges Tours
A half day tour for those with less time, a taste of what the Waitakere Ranges offer; From NZ$ 160 – View Itinerary

Waitakere Ranges Tours

Waitakere Ranges Tour
A full day day tour to the Waitakere Ranges showing you the stunning beauty of this From NZ$ 240 – View Itinerary

Tawharanui Day Tour

Tawharanui Tour
A fully guided one day walk on a bush covered trail will give you the opportunity to view the New From NZ$ 240 – View Itinerary

Tawharanui Day/Night Tour

Tawharanui Tours
This is an opportunity to experience what goes on after dark!  These tours offer the same From NZ$ 265 – View Itinerary

Birding New Zealand Personalised Tour

NZ Pigeon (Kereru)
Habitat Tours can provide a customised tour according to your interests and time Enquire Directly – View Itinerary


For more information about Birding New Zealand Tours visit the Habitat Tours website.
Please note Habitat Tours reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.


Habitat Tours NZ Tui
One of New Zealand’s most common endemic birds but also one of the most beautiful. 


The bellbird probably has NZ’s most molodious call.  Tawharanui is often buzzing


Part of the New Zealand wattlebird family that includes the Kokako and the now

North Island Kaka

NZ North Island Kaka
The kaka is one of NZ’s largest parrots, once common in NZ they are now limited to a few

New Zealand Pigeon (kereru)

New Zealand Pigeon
A large and distinctively coloured bird with a distinctive wing beat in flight.  Important

North Island Robin

North Island Robin
These little guys are very inquisitive and when walking on the trails at Tawharanui or


A large, flightless and unique bird. At one stage takahe were thought to be extinct until they

Brown Teal (Pateke)

Brown Teal (Pateke)
These gorgeous ducks are one of the world’s most endangered waterfowl with a

Paradise Shelduck

Paradise Shelduck
You don’t need to travel far to see the colourful and noisy paradise shelduck.  They are

Kiwi – North Island Brown

Kiwi – North Island Brown
Our most iconic bird, the nocturnal and flightless kiwi.  At Tawharanui the kiwi is often

Habitat Tours NZ Conservation

Habitat Tours have built their business on their love of the flora and fauna of New Zealand that you don’t find anywhere else in the world, of the lakes, rivers and oceans that make us unique, and of the wild and wonderful scenery that graces postcards from Aotearoa around the world.

In every tour they take, Habitat Tours strive to share their passion with their guests and show you the best parts of this country they love so much.

One of the features as a tour operator that they most proud of is that they only take small groups out on tour each time. With no more than seven people on tour they can minimise the impact their visits have on the surrounding natural environments. This also means they don’t need or use large vehicles which leave heavy carbon footprints.

Outside of Habitat Tours, they are regular volunteers for environmental conservation groups. As members of TOSSI (Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc), they take part in days where they help plant trees and shrubs, and even do the simple tasks of weeding to keep the desirable plants thriving. Each year, volunteers plant roughly 20,000 native plants in the area in an effort to return the peninsula to what it once was before the arrival of humans – and they are immensely proud to have just a small hand in that effort. The goal is not just to create luscious green spaces, but also to build a welcoming environment in which endemic and endangered birds can be successfully reintroduced, and in doing so, help these birds rebuild their numbers, too.

Finally, Habitat Tours are also members of the Little Barrier Island Supporters Trust. The island – also known as Te Hauturu-o-Toi – is a vital asset to New Zealand and their conservation efforts. The trust was established in 1997 and they have spent every year since working tirelessly to protect this nature reserve and its rare and precious flora and fauna.

At Habitat Tours, ensuring a natural, environmentally stable New Zealand is more than just their business, it is their way of wildlife.

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