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Uruguay Wildlife Tours

Guyrapyta Birdwatching Uruguay offers unique birding, photo safari and Uruguay wildlife tours on Pampa’s landscapes. Guyrapyta Birdwatching Uruguay designs birding watching tour itineraries throughout the country for you to enjoy the vast bird biodiversity, beautiful landscapes and the intensity of the gaucho culture.

Uruguay is a country consisting of vast lush Pampas grasslands, crisscrossed by rivers, streams, lagoons and wetlands all hidden deep in ravines that house thick native forests.

It is impossible to go birding in Uruguay without getting in touch with the traditional gaucho culture associated to this unique the landscape, the extensive stock breeding and freedom that greets you. All of the lodgings, situated in pristine corners of the country, are family ranches whose main income derives from sustainable stock breeding and ecotourism which are eco-friendly taking into consideration the environment and the native flora and fauna (www.alianzadelpastizal.org)

Uruguay’s small size (176,000 km2) is a stark contrast with its bird diversity. There are 485 distinct bird species from 73 different families, of which 67% are permanent resident species. The figure takes on another dimension when compared to other territories in the region: the Uruguayan bird life constitutes 42% of Argentina and 26% of Brazil’s, in an area that accounts for 6% and 2% of the territory of these countries.

The bird watching tours offered by Guyrapyta Birdwatching Uruguay allow the possibility to observe typical Pampa species and other unique Uruguay wildlife, as well as species associated to aquatic and coastal milieus and Uruguay wildlife species of subtropical distribution thanks to the connection of its intricate river basin with eco-regions such as the Atlantic Forest and El Chaco. Uruguay tours will take you to species endemic to La Pampa, which in some cases have sparse populations with varying degrees of endangerment.

Infinite landscapes traveled by a gaucho on horseback are ever-present in these unique birding and Uruguay wildlife tour itineraries.

West Montevideo

west montevideo Uruguay
A one day trip for birders and photographers who stop in Montevideo for a while. Birding

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Punta Del Este: Coast and Lagoons

Uruguay Wetlands
One day itinerary. Starting off at Punta Del Este, you will travel around coast in order to

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In Pursuit Of The Seriema’s Song

A 10 day birdwatching Uruguay tour designed for birding and adventure enthusiasts. It

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From The Coast To The Mountains

Uruguay Birding
This route takes you on a 12 day trip in three of Uruguay’s most characteristic environments:

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Uruguay: The Awakening Of Spring

Uruguay Wildlife Tours
A 16-day birdwatching Uruguay trip across Uruguay in order to experience the

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For more Uruguay wildlife tours offered by Guyrapyta Birdwatching Uruguay please visit their website.

Curve-billed Reedhaunter

Curve-billed Reedhaunter Uruguay
Limnornis curvirostris: considered pampas’s endemic. Patches in Uruguay, South

Bay-capped Wren-Spinetail

Uruguay Bay-capped Wren-Spinetail
Spartonoide maluroides: considered pampas’s endemic. Patches in Uruguay, South

Sulphur-bearded Spinetail

Uruguay Sulphur-bearded Spinetail
Cranioleuca sulphurifera: considered pampas’s endemic. Patches in Uruguay, South

Hudson’s Canastero

Guyrapyta Birdwatching Uruguay
Asthenes hudsoni: considered pampas’s endemic. Uruguay, South Brazil, northeast

Marsh seedeater

Uruguay Marsh seedeater
Sporophila palustris: considered pampas’s endemic. Patches in Uruguay, South

Chestnut Seedeater

Sporophila cinnamomea: considered pampas’s endemic. Uruguay, South Brazil,

Pampas Meadowlark

Guyrapytâ Birdwatching
Sternulla defilippii: considered pampas’s endemic. Uruguay and northeast Argentina


Other Uruguay Wildlife

Greater Rhea: Near threatened Status. Rhea is the queen of Pampas. Uruguay house the biggest population of Them in South Americas.

Mottled Piculet: Tinny Piculet restricted to subtropical forest in south Brazil, Uruguay and patches in northeast Argentina. Uncommon. Common in some forest in Uruguay.

Straight-billed Reedhaunter: Near Threatened status. Southeast Brazil, northeast Argentina and Uruguay. Uncommon. Almost exclusively in swampy areas in the coast with “Caragüatal” plants (Eryngium pandanifolium).

Black and White Monjita: Threatened status. Uruguay, Praguay, southeast Brazil, northeast Argentina Uncommon. Grassland close to marshes. Alone or in pairs. Frequently with Saffron-cowled Blackbird.

Yellow Cardinal: Threatened Status in all the area. Rare due to illegal capture. This is specie from woodland Pampas’ and Chaco. In pairs during springtime. Usually in small flocks in winter.

Saffron-cowled Blackbird: Threatened status. Uruguay, northeast Argentina, northeast Brazil. Rare. In wet pampas’ grasslands surrounding by marshes. In small or large flocks. Frequently with Black and White Monjita.

Arerungua’s Pampas Deer: Endangered Status. This is endemic sub specie of Pampas Deer. Living in a small area in north of Uruguay. Frequently associated with Pampas Meadowlark.

South American Sea Lion and Southern Fur Seal: Atlantic Uruguayan coast is housing one of the biggest colonies of these species.


west montevideo Uruguay

All of Guyrapyta Birdwatching Uruguay lodgings, situated in pristine corners of the country are family ranches whose main income derives from sustainable stockbreeding and ecotourism.  These lodgings are respectful of the environment and the native fauna and flora. For more information click here: www.alianzadelpastizal.org

All throughout the work in the field, they promote values such as the respect and recuperation of ecosystems and species. Consequently, 2% of the total passenger’s fee are devoted to conservation projects in the visited regions, through the NGO AvesUruguay/BirdLife programme.

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