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Green Tours was established in 2006 with a desire to offer something more than just tourist trips, but rather real nature experiences of Peru along with innovation, comfort, safety, and a strong commitment to their social and environmental responsibilities.  Not surprisingly, nearly 10 years on and Green Tours has also established themselves as one of the leading wildlife tour operators specialising in Peru birding tours, based in Peru.

For Green Tours, there are two key words when birding in Peru: “diversity” and “endemism”. There are more than 1180 species, 118 of which are endemic making Peru one of the top birding destinations in the world. The reason for this exceptional bird diversity is the Andes mountain range, which creates an incredibly large amount of different habitats from the Pacific coast lowlands, across the Andes and into the Amazonian lowlands.

Main attractions for birders on the Pacific coast are the gorgeous Inca Tern and the lovely Humboldt Penguin, both of them easy to find on a short boat trip to the rocky islands near the seashore. They also offer new Peru birding tours or hotspots for birdwatching in northern Peru, which can take birders north of Tarapoto, to the Alto Mayo valley and the Alto Mayo Protected Forest.

Bird diversity is greater in the Andes, with many optional destinations on both the western and eastern slopes of the mountain range where the key birds definitively are the Andean Condors in the High Andes, the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock in the humid Montane forests. If you are keen for endemics then you cannot miss the northern Peruvian Andes, with 63 endemics this area, the richest endemic bird area in the world.

However, the higher diversity of bird species is in the Amazonian lowlands where almost every lodge has listed more than 600 species nearby the properties. By far the main attraction of the Amazonian lowlands is the Parrot Clay Licks where hundreds of Parrots, Macaws and Parrotlets meet every morning for their daily dose of clay.

With no more than 10 birding Peru tours or departures per year, all tours are lead by Wilson Díaz, manager and founder of Green Tours.  Always travelling with the support of local guides for the different sites he visits (local guides know best!).  Smalls groups make it easy to give a highly personalised service with the staff always taking care of everything that a nature traveler might need.

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East Andean Foothills

Andean Cock-of-the-Rock
A shorter 12 day trip in the Mayo valley and Abra Patricia mountains. The tour will visit

From $3,270 – View Itinerary

Endemics Paradise

Green Tours - Wildlife - Long-whiskered Owlet
For 14 days enjoy amazing scenery and fabulous birding with lots of bird species you

From $3,860 – View Itinerary

Birds and Machu Picchu

Machu-Picchu Birding Tours
This 15 day tour takes you to South Peru around the city of Cuzco and the Manu Andean  

From $4,940 – View Itinerary

North Peru Lowlands

Inca Tern 1 North peru endemicas paradise tour
This 15 day birding Peru tour will take you into the north Peruvian Amazonia

From $3,890 – View Itinerary

Amazonian Lowlands

Wilson Diaz - Green Tours - Amazonian lowlands
An incredible 18 day journey to the heart of the Amazonian lowlands of South Peru.

From $5,720 – View Itinerary

For more Birding Peru Tours visit the Green Tours website.
Please note Green Tours reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Long-whiskered Owlet

Green Tours - Wildlife - Long-whiskered Owlet - Blue Sky Wildlife
One of the smallest and rarest owls in the world which has a very small distribution range in

Andean Cock-of-the-Rock

Andean-Cock-of-the-Rock Peru Bird Species
Known as Peru’s National Bird, this cotinga is one of the most colourful birds in the

Humboldt Penguins

Green Tours - - Wildlife - Humboldt Penguin - Blue Sky Wildlife
One of the few penguins that breeds off Antarctica, north along to South American and  

Andean Condors

Green Tours - Wildlife - Andean Condor - Blue Sky Wildlife
The emblematic bird of the Andes, although uncommon. Large vulture with a

Inca Tern

Green Tours - Inca Tern 1 North peru endemicas paradise tour - Blue Sky Wildlife
Common resident on the Pacific coast, near coast and on offshore islands. Characteristic

Marvelous Spatuletail

Green Tours - Wildlife - Marvelous Spatuletail - Blue Sky Wildlife
Tiny hummingbird restricted to a small mountain range in northern Peru in the Río

Inca Wren

Green Tours - Wildlife - Inca Wren - Blue Sky Wildlife
Locally common in the Cuzco area, in forests with important patches of Chusquea bamboo.

White-winged Guan

Wilson Diaz - Green Tours - White-winged Guan - Blue Sky Wildlife copy
Very local and rare in the dry forests of the western slope of the Andes in northern Peru.

Guayaquil Woodpecker

Guayaquil-Woodpecker Peru Bird Species
Uncommon woodpecker found in dry and semi-deciduous forests of western north Peru.

Peruvian Plantcutter

Wilson Diaz - Green Tours - Peruvian Plantcutter - Blue Sky Wildlife
The only Cotinga restricted to the coastal dry forests of northern Peru. Grey bird with


amazon forestSince 2015, Green Tours applies best practices in mitigating climate change and collaborates with the conservation of biodiversity of the Tambopata National Reserve.

Climate change is definitively the biggest challenge we have as a global community. Reduce and mitigate carbon emissions is a responsibility of all economic sectors.

Global warming, melting glaciers, the intensification of natural phenomena and the loss of biodiversity are some evidences of this process, according to IPCC (Intergobernamental Panel on Climate Change) scientists these issues still can be handled.

It is with this understanding and consistent with its mission and commitments that Green Tours conducted the survey and the mitigation of its carbon footprint concerning its activities in 2015 and aims to renew this commitment in 2016.

Green Tours CO2 footprint has been compensated by REDD + conservation project of the Tambopata National Reserve, thus contributing to the development of activities for conservation and sustainable use of the Reserve.

With this practice, Green Tours has improved its environmental performance and is certified through the Iniciativa Verde project as a Carbon Neutral company.

Iniciativa Verde is a climate project, which has international funding to assist with the reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions of small and medium Peruvian enterprises, seeking to improve their competitiveness, migrating towards the green economy.


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