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NT Wildlife Tours

Gecko Canoeing and Trekking has been kayaking / canoeing Katherine River and Bushwalking since 1994 in Australia’s Northern Territory. Hailed as the most intact of the worlds savanna’s, the region that boasts many unique specialist and endemic mammals, reptiles and birds species.

The Northern Territory of Australia provides an opportunity to experience the pristine Australian outback wilderness and encounters with wildlife and nature.  If you want a true nature based experience or a relaxing and informative wildlife safari, an organised tour into this region is a must-do.

Established by Mick Jerram, business owner and operator, a highly qualified guide with over 30 years of leadership experience.  The business itself has won multiple Tourism Awards in Eco and Adventure Tourism and the guides are skilled and passionate enthusiasts of the natural environment.

As well as a focus on the wildlife of the region, the tranquil yet exciting remoteness of their tours provide an exhilarating experience.  They travel the ecotones of the tropical Savannah river systems, walk through the amazing and ancient sandstone region of the Arnhem Plateau and tour the expansive woodlands of the region. Gecko Canoeing & Trekking can also operate from Darwin and travel through the iconic Kakadu World Heritage area as well as the exceptional Nitmiluk and Judpurra National Parks.

Gecko Canoeing Katherine River also specialise in paddling experiences on the Katherine River and the Ord River in the famous East Kimberley, hiking on the Jatbula Trail and the Dreaming Place Trail in the Nitmiluk National Park, Kakadu Twin Falls Trail in the Kakadu National Park. Special departures and private charters can also arrange be arranged.

Big Day Out Birding Experience

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Tour 3 - Finches Long-tailed - Blue Sky Wildlife
A one day birding outing visiting local Katherine sites and chasing regional specialties like; From A$ 280.00 View Itinerary

Gecko Canoeing Katherine River Safari

Gecko Canoeing Katherine River
For 3 days view the wildlife of the region, as you float quietly along the Katherine River View Itinerary

Katherine River Discovery

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Gouldian Finch - Blue Sky Wildlife
A remote Trekking and Canoeing Katherine River journey for 6 days from the View Itinerary

Kakadu Twin Falls Trek

For 6 days trek through the remote and ancient stone country of Kakadu. A chance  View Itinerary

Top End Birdfinder

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Tour 5 - Black Necked Stork - Blue Sky Wildlife
Customised Birding and Wildlife tours from 1 to 10 days across the Northern Territory. View Itinerary
For more NT Wildlife Tours visit the Gecko Canoeing & Trekking website.

Please note the Gecko Canoeing & Trekking reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Gouldian Finch

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Gouldian Finch - Blue Sky Wildlife
A wonderfully colourful Grass Finch endemic to the Dry Tropics of Australia. Although

Hooded Parrot

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Hooded Parrot - Blue Sky Wildlife
A slender but strikingly beautiful parrot native only to our region. It is found in

Great-billed Heron

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Great Billed Heron - Blue Sky Wildlife
This species is a birding highlight of our river trips. It is an uncommon and elusive

Red Goshawk

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Red Goshawk - Blue Sky Wildlife
Probably the rarest Australian birds of prey found mainly in the savanna woodlands of

Fresh-water Crocodile

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Fresh-water Crocodile - Blue Sky Wildlife
Unlike their much larger Australian relative the saltwater crocodile, freshwater

Agile Wallaby

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Agile Wallaby - Blue Sky Wildlife
Also known as the River Wallaby, it is a species of wallaby found commonly in

Black Wallaroo

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Black Wallaroo - Blue Sky Wildlife
A rare species of macropod restricted to the Sandstone areas in the Arnhem Plateau.

Mertens Water Monitor

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Mertens Water Monitor - Blue Sky Wildlife
A large aquatic member of the monitor lizard family found actively foraging in Northern

Chestnut-quilled Rock-pigeon

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Chestnut Quilled Rock Pigeon - Blue Sky Wildlife
A Sandstone endemic of the Arnhem Plateau, Australia. Seen on our walking and scenic

Banded Fruit-dove

Michael Jerram - Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Wildlife - Banded Fruit Dove - Blue Sky Wildlife
A striking pigeon with a white head, neck and upper breast; black back and upper wing

Other Wildlife

Frill-necked Lizard, Estuarine Crocodile, Common Wallaroo, Antilopine Wallaroo, Brown Bandicoot, Velvet Gecko, Spiny-tailed Gecko, Olive Python, Black-headed Python.


Gecko Canoeing & Trekking - Katherine Gorge Breakfast - Great Savaans - Blog - 160122

Gecko Canoeing and Trekking have just commenced the development of a private conservation reserve, bordering the Nitmiluk National Park in Katherine.

A 2000 acre undeveloped property, undergoing biodiversity mapping and opportunity to protect habitat for nesting bird, reptile and mammal species.

Property name Miniata Conservation Reserve.

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    Untouched wilderness teeming with wildlife

    I joined Mick and his crew for the 21st Anniversary trek/canoe from Kakadu to the coast in…. Show More

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