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Forres Park

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Jamaica Nature Resort

Forres Park Jamaica, a Blue Mountains Resort, is a small intimate 10 bedroom Jamaica nature resort and spa snuggled in the grand ridge of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. It is built on a 60 acre working coffee farm that offers the best Jamaica Shade grown Blue Mountain coffee.

The Swiss chalet style house and cabins have spacious patios where you can take in the breath taking views of the Blue and John Crow mountains which will encourage you to feel at one with nature. Golden rays of sunlight glistening through the hills greet you with each dawn as you wake up to the loving embrace of mother nature rejuvenating mind, body and spirit.

Jamaica Bird Watching

At Forres Park Jamaica, you can choose to be adventurous or to simply relax in your surroundings. The choice is yours. The still, quiet serene ambiance is broken only by birds singing. You can enjoy Jamaica bird watching and locating the 28 endemic and many of the 200 other Caribbean residents and migrant species. For more adventurous guests, a variety of activities with varying levels of adventure can be arranged by your hosts. The most popular activities at Forres Park are the coffee farm tour, bird watching and the famous hike and Jamaica trekking to Blue Mountain peak.

The Blue and John Crow Mountains were listed as world heritage sites in July 2015 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO). This prestigious accolade is one more reason to visit the remarkable Blue Mountains.

Cinchona Botanical Gardens

Forres Park Jamaica Nature Resort
Cinchona is one of the most spectacular Botanical Gardens in the World.  Accessed only by a

Hiking to Blue Mountain Peak

Trekking Jamaica
Jamaica trekking and mountain peak tours are one of the main attractions at Forres Park, so go prepared with

Bird watching at Abbey Green

Forres Park Jamaica Bird Watching
Leaving Forres Park Jamaica just before daybreak, drive through the river and upwards along trails  

Birdwatching at Forres Park

Forres Park Jamaica Bird Watching
At Forres Park Jamaica the upper veranda offers such an array of birds at daybreak that it is

Coffee Farm and Factory Tour

Jamaica Coffee Farm Tour
If you love authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee then you will be fascinated when you

Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo

Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo
Long straight bill. Eye surrounded by red orbital skin. Head and back reddish brown.

Jamaican Oriole

Jamaican Oriole
Long tail greenish bird, wings and tail black edged with partly pointed black bill.

Jamaican Orangequit

Forres Park Nature Resort - Jamaican Orangequit
Small chunky green bird endemic to Jamaica with a yellow throat.

Red Billed Streamertail

Jamaica Red Billed Streamertail
Black head with lateral crown feathers. Bill red with black tip and sides.

Vervain Hummingbird

Jamaica Hummingbird
Small brownish green hummingbird approx just 2 inches tall.

Jamaican Woodpecker

Jamaican Woodpecker
Upper back and wings black with narrow white bars. Legs and bill are black.

Jamaican Owl

Jamaican Owl
Small brown owl.  Dark brown feathers and black legs.

Jamaican Tody

Jamaican Tody
Small chunky bird with a red throat and long flattened bill.

Sad Flycatcher

Sad Flycatcher
Underparts are buffy brown. Head is darker than body and looks peaked when crest is erected.

Jamaican Euphonia

Jamaican Euphonia
Small chunky blue grey bird with a short stubby grey bill that is darker on top and at the tip.

Forres Park Jamaica Blue Mountain Resort - Abbey Green

Forres Park strives to be eco friendly using very few pesticides and cultivating plants that attract and feed birds. A re-foresting program has been established to support the area due to the damage caused by the mountain fires in 2015. Trees are being planted to encourage and feed birds as well as to produce lumber.

Forres Park is a large rainwater catchment area for water preservation which is used for fish, to water plants on the farm and also for use in the hotel. This eco-friendly environment encourages birdlife, which is why the majority of Jamaica’s endemic birds can be found at Forres Park Jamaica and their Jamaica bird watching tours.

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