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New Zealand Birding Tours

“Foris” is Latin for outdoors, a name that invokes the scholarly expeditions of Victorian times. Think Joesph Banks, the botanist on Captain Cooks Endeavour! Foris offers an educated take on New Zealand’s natural history and aims to appeal to people with a passion for nature in its natural habitat.

Foris is about meaningful experiences in the outdoors, and understanding the quirks and subtleties of New Zealand’s unique natural history. These tours are experiences for discerning travelers who want to learn about the landscapes they are travelling through.

Foris Eco-tours offer  full day walks in the world famous Whirinaki forest and the Tongariro World Heritage Park
Whirinaki forest is a world class example of unique rainforest with 500 year old trees, plentiful birds including numerous rare species such as kaka, whio, kakakariki, and more. Whirinaki forest is distinct from the beech forests of the South Island, with stands of huge rimu, kahikatea, miro, matai and totara trees. A trip to Rotorua to this spectacular forest should be on every nature lover’s itinerary.

Tongariro was the first national park formed in New Zealand, and the fourth in the world. Tongariro National Park is centred around three active volcanoes and contains stunning scenery, fascinating alpine plants and rare birds. You will be escorted to beautiful parts of the park, off the beaten track, away from the crowds where you will discover fascinating geological features of one of New Zealand’s finest parks.

If you are seeking pivate small group nature tours, think personalised service, visiting stunning landscapes, gourmet lunches and comfortable vehicles.

Adventures in Birdland!

Birdwatching adventures options include an eight day all-inclusive birding extravaganza starting in Auckland taking in 2 pelagic trips for the illusive NZ storm petrel and albatross, nocturnal walks for kiwi, dawn walks for kokako, visiting a range of sites including Tongariro National Park, Whjrinaki Forest, Purerora Forest, Maungatautari Ecological Island, Ohiwa harbour, Zealandia, Kaikoura, some Canterbury braided rivers and more.  Refer to the “Tours” tab to learn more.

Full-day Whirinaki Walk Trip

Full-day Whirinaki walk
This tour takes in a full day of the world famous Whirinaki Forest. Think stunning scenery, From NZ$ 295 – View Itinerary

New Zealand Birdwatching Trips

One - day Bird watching tours
Full-day birding tours target rare birds and endemic New Zealand bird species that clients From NZ$ 349 – View Itinerary

Full-day Tongariro Hike

Full-day Tongariro hike
A customised day walk to suit the clients, including the best scenery, From NZ$ 349 – View Itinerary

New Zealand Birding Adventure

8 - Day Birding Adventure
An 8-day New Zealand birding adventure for the serious birder. 100 species, North and South Enquire Directly – View Itinerary

Custom New Zealand Wildlife Tours 

Custom options
These bespoke tours offer flexibility for those interested in nature, conservation and educational View Itinerary
For more information about New Zealand Birding Tours visit the Foris Eco-tours website.
Please note the Foris Eco-tours reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.


Flocks of boisterous kākā gather early morning and late evening to socialise – their

Whio-Blue Duck

Whio – Blue Duck
Whio are an ancient species of waterfowl, that appeared at a very early stage in evolutionary


New Zealanders have been called ‘Kiwis’ since the nickname was bestowed by


With their extraordinary haunting song, and obscure evolutionary relationships to


Kakariki, meaning ‘small green parrot’ in Maori, are beautiful forest birds. They feed on


The takahe was once thought to be extinct, but in the 1948 it hit world headlines when an


Since the extinction of the moa, the kererū are now the only seed dispersers with a bill big


No other bird in the world has a bill like New Zealand’s wrybill. Its bill curves to the right,


Tuatara are rare, medium-sized reptiles found only in New Zealand. They are the last


Weta have been around long enough to see dinosaurs come and go and to evolve into

Full-day Whirinaki walk

Foris Eco-tours is committed to supporting New Zealand conservation efforts.

Animal pests are a major threat to New Zealand’s native species. Controlling these pests is essential for the survival of our special native plants and animals.

New Zealand has been geographically separated from other land masses for over 80 million years, so  native wildlife has evolved in isolation and in the absence of land mammals.

When pests and predators were introduced they took a serious toll on the survival of  native plants, birds, reptiles and invertebrates, who were ill equipped to deal with the threat.

Pests such as possums, rats and stoats compete with native birdlife for food and habitat. They also eat the eggs and young and attack the adults.

Foris recognises these threats by operating an innovative trapping program using revolutionary humane self-resetting “good nature” traps. Foris was the first tourism company in New Zealand to operate these traps.

Another major contribution to New Zealand conservation program is via the “conservation education programme”. In collaboration with New Zealand’s most ambitious conservation programme, Sanctuary Mountain, Foris hosts approximately 4000 “kiwi” kids per year on full day nature-based adventures.

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