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As Experience the Wild is a wildlife guide based in the Top End you get the very best of local knowledge of the Northern Territory, Australia.

Owned and operated by Mike and Jenny Jarvis, they are fully accredited and insured to run professional Top Ends Tours Australia specialising in nature tours in Northern Territory’s National Parks, so your safety and well-being is assured. Mike Jarvis, as one of the leading guides, has been a nature enthusiast from his earliest memories and brings a fascinating fusion of Aboriginal culture and knowledge when showing wildlife lovers an extensive variety of endemic bird, mammal and reptile species across a mosaic of unspoiled habitats.

For any guest, the well-being of the natural environment and its flora and fauna are of paramount concern to Experience the Wild and they endeavour to minimise the impact of their operation on the environment in every way possible. This is done without compromising any aspect of the comfort, safety and enjoyment of their guests. The opportunity to learn about the wildlife is enhanced by an insight into the amazing relationship that the local Indigenous people have. This is the oldest continuous living culture in the world and continues to have a profound connection with the land and its wildlife. This is evident in the stories and the ancient rock art that feature in some of the areas they visit.

Bird Watching Darwin Tours

Experiences range from bird watching Darwin tours exploring the rich variety of birdlife close to Darwin through to extended Top End tours Australia of up to eight days on their very popular ‘Best of Top End Birding’ tour. Whether part of a small group or a private journey, you are assured of a personalised experience as you travel in a comfortable air-conditioned 4WD. All meals, accommodation and touring costs are fully inclusive. Experience the Wild will do their best to make your visit to the Top End the wildlife experience of a lifetime.

Darwin Birdwatching Experience 

Darwin Birdwatching Experience
Full day tour exploring bird rich mangrove, shoreline, monsoon forest and wetland

From $595 – View Itinerary

Breakfast with Gouldian’s 

Breakfast with Gouldian's
Two day, one night birdwatching in Savannah Woodland habitat, including an

From $755 – View Itinerary

Kakadu Nature’s Way

Kakadu Natures Way Tour
‘Nature’s Way’ is the description used for the triangular five day journey from Darwin to

From $1,775 – View Itinerary

Kakadu Naturalists’ Tour

Kakadu Naturalists Tour
Travelling for six days with well-known naturalist and author Ian Morris, who has 

From $4,495 – View Itinerary

Top End Birding and Wildlife 

Top End Birding and Wildlife
For eight days birding and wildlife tour starts with prime birding locations around

From $3,995 – View Itinerary

Best of Top End Birding

Experience the Wild Tour - Best of Top End Birding
A nine day tour seeking out endemic, specialist and generalist species. Combines

From $3,295 – View Itinerary

For more Top End Tours in Australia visit Experience the Wild’s website.

Please note the Experience the Wild reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Red Goshawk

Red Goshawk
One of Australia’s rarest birds, the Red Goshawk is a large, active, bold and beautiful

Partridge Pigeon

Partridge Pigeon
Distinctive with their red eye marking, Partridge Pigeons are a threatened species and

Hooded Parrot

Stunning in golden yellow and turquoise with a black cap, and long, slim tail, the rare Hooded 

Northern Rosella

Northern Rosella
Shy and not always easy to find, the Northern Rosella is the least known of all the

Rainbow Pitta

Rainbow Pitta
Rainbow Pittas are the colourful jewels of the monsoon forest habitat. They

Great Bowerbird

Great Bowerbird
The Great Bowerbird looks very plain until the male excitedly starts to perform around his bower and his

Blue-faced Honeyeater

Blue-faced Honeyeater Marie Holding
Seen in some parks and gardens in Darwin and in savannah woodland, this

Buff-sided Robin

Buff-sided Robin
Pretty, inquisitive and sometimes confiding, these lovely birds are a treat to see.

Lemon-bellied Flyrobin

 Lemon-bellied Flyrobins
The Lemon-bellied Flyrobin is a delightful fellow that seems to enjoy being watched. It has the

Gouldian Finch

Gouldian Finch
The spectacular plumage of the Gouldian Finch makes it one of the most important

Other Wildlife

The largest extant reptile on the planet is the Estuarine Crocodile. They are present in waterways throughout most of the Top End from the coast down to Katherine, 300 kilometres south of Darwin. Males can grow up to six metres but most are four to five metres (big enough to be very dangerous). They can be safely seen well back from the waters’ edge or on the Yellow Water cruise in Kakadu. Johnson’s Crocodile is only found in freshwater, grows to a maximum of three metres and is not considered dangerous.

The spectacular Frilled Lizard is mostly seen during the wet season, it spends the dry season high up in trees, conserving its energy. Gilbert’s Dragons are a near relative of the Frilled Lizard and are much more common.

Black Wallaroo is an escarpment endemic and only seen in Kakadu and Arnhem Land. Wilkin’s Rock Wallaby is found in the rocky escarpment areas of Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks, and Agile Wallabies are seen in a range of wooded habitats across the Top End. Orange Lacewing, Swamp Tiger and Lesser Wanderer are some of the beautiful butterfly species seen and other invertebrates include the Giant Darwin Stick Insect which grows to a length of thirty centimetres.

Termites play a vital role in the ecology of the savannah woodland habitat and they grow to as much as seven metres in height!

Anbangbang BillabongExperience the Wild does not have any conservation news at present to share.

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