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Kangaroo Island Wildlife Tours

Since 1986 Exceptional Kangaroo Island has been recognised as Australian leaders for immersive wildlife experiences. They specialise in Kangaroo Island wildlife tours. Biologists consider Kangaroo Island a representative of temperate Australia at the time of European contact just over 200 years ago. Nearly 50% of the original vegetation cover has been retained in a mix of: National and Conservation Parks; roadside and heritage reserves; and private property.

This provides habitat for a wide array of wildlife and Kangaroo Island wildlife tours experiences such as: kangaroos; wallabies; possums; echidnas; goannas; snakes; bandicoots; koalas and a bird list of over 270 species. The ocean is home to sea-lion; fur-seals; dolphins; and whales (migratory May-October). Given long isolation, many plants and animals are distinct Kangaroo Island species, races or sub-species.

The Exceptional Kangaroo Island wildlife tours approach to wildlife engagement is relaxed and respectful – aiming to leave plants and animals as they find them – so expect clear guidance on possible encounters and how to behave to ensure your visit is productive and sustainable. Their long history of operation means there is a level of trust which delivers encounters at remarkably close viewing distance without ever having resorted to providing food attractions.

Exceptional Kangaroo Island operate a collegiate business model – working with travel, accommodation and experience providers to combine in-house guiding and catering with a travel planning service to deliver an integrated Island holiday and great Kangaroo Island things to do. Tours can be booked on a small group basis (2-12 guests with 2 guides once group size exceeds 6). These tours blend Kangaroo Island wildlife encounters, landscape exploration and elegant al fresco dining with a conversational style rather than set commentary.

Private charters are available for guests with a specific passion such as botany, photography or bird-watching where both the guide and itinerary are selected to match your interest.  The underlying promise is good food, good wine and wildlife in the wild.

Island Life Wildlife & Landscape

Exceptional Kangaroo Island Tour
Explore the red gum forests of Cygnet River for a full day, north to Stokes Bay and

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Flinders Chase Focus

Exceptional Kangaroo Island Wildlife
Explore the Flinders Chase National Park wilderness for a full day including iconic  

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Kangaroo Island Style

Kangaroo Island in Style
This two day/one night programme includes return flights from Adelaide to 

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Art of Nature

Exceptional Kangaroo Island - Art of Nature
Private tour. Over 10 percent of Kangaroo Islanders are involved in visual arts and in

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Kangaroo Island Birding

 Exceptional Kangaroo Island Private Touring
Private Tour. The Exceptional Kangaroo Island approach to bird-watching is to omit

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For more Kangaroo Island Wildlife Tours and birdwatching experiences visit the Exceptional Kangaroo Island website.

Please note Exceptional Kangaroo Island reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Kangaroo Island kangaroo

Although shorter than the large reds, this large chocolate brown stocky kangaroo is the

Tammar wallaby

Kangaroo Island Widlife - Tammar wallaby
Small, fast and active mainly at night, these wallabies are abundant on Kangaroo Island

Short-beaked echidna

Short-beaked echidna
Another Kangaroo Island subspecies – the local echidnas come in 3 colours – redheads,

Rosenberg’s goanna

Kangaroo Island Rosenbergs Goanna
Kangaroo Island is considered the conservation stronghold for these large colourful monitors

Australian sea-lion

Australian sea-lion
This sea-lion is restricted to the south and west coasts of Australia from Kangaroo Island

Long-nosed fur-seal

Kangaroo Island Long-nosed fur-seal
Bouncing back from heavy hunting in the 1800s this species is widespread.

Glossy-black cockatoo

Glossy black cockatoo
This relict population, isolated through millennia-long climate change is an Island

Cape Barren Goose

Craig Wickham Exceptional Kangaroo Island
Being large, tasty and ground-nesting is not good – ask the dodo! Hunting reduced these


Kangaroo Island Koala
Being introduced to Kangaroo Island as a conservation measure, the koala now poses

Tate’s grass tree

Tates Grass Tree
Known locally as “yacka” this large spiny plant with a fire-blackened trunk is an endemic.

Other Wildlife

Raptors: white-bellied sea-eagles, Eastern osprey, wedge-tailed eagles, swamp harriers, Australian kestrels, brown falcons, peregrines, black-shouldered kites.

Shore-birds: black-faced cormorants, great cormorants, pied and little-pied cormorants, little black cormorants, hooded dotterels, pied and sooty oystercatchers, Australasian gannets, pacific gulls, crested and Caspian terns.

Parrots: galahs, yellow-tailed black-cockatoos, rock parrots, rainbow and purple-crowned lorikeets, crimson rosellas, little corellas.

Smaller bush-birds: superb fairy wrens, crescent honeyeaters, tawny-crowned honeyeaters, golden whistler, scarlet robin, purple-gaped honeyeater.

Plants: there are 52 endemic species of plants including 3 Eucalypts, grevilleas, daisies, correas and peas.

Exceptional Kangaroo Island Conservation

Many of the Exceptional Kangaroo Island staff are involved in conservation organisations and participate in a variety of environmental programmes throughout the year. Often these events allow for participation by visitors who express an interest. Examples of the events are:

  1. Shorebird counts
  2. Little penguin counts or habitat protection works
  3. Glossy-black cockatoo survey
  4. Hooded dotterel census
  5. Planting festival
  6. Beach clean-ups

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