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Elm Wildlife Tours

Dunedin, New Zealand tel: +64 3 454 4121 | elmtourism@xtra.co.nz | www.elmwildlifetours.co.nz

Elm Wildlife Tours

Elm Wildlife Tours is an award winning wildlife tour operator based in New Zealand.  They offer a number of wildlife experiences in and around Dunedin including peninsula encounters to see penguins, fur seals, sea lions and 25+ species of sea birds and waders.  While alternative experiences include wild coast explorer, Catlins encounters and a short excursion cruise ship.

So join Elm Wildlife Tours to experience absolutely unrivaled close-up viewing of rare yellow eyed penguins, Hooker’s sea lions, New Zealand fur seals and little blue penguins within their restricted wildlife conservation sanctuary, you will also see albatross at Taiaroa headland and other wildlife around Otago peninsula bay’s and lagoons.

International Wildlife Tours

Though Elm Wildlife Tours are mainly based in New Zealand, they also offer an exciting range of International wildlife and cultural tours during the southern hemisphere winter months of May to August.

Borneo tour groups are escorted from New Zealand by a representative from their company who handles all the logistics and ensures the best possible tour experience is delivered to wildlife lovers. Africa and Peru/Galapagos wildlife tours are escorted from NZ (subject to minimum group size ) otherwise African tours are met at Nairobi airport and Peru/Galapagos at Quito by a member of the team who will ensure you are looked after throughout the tour.

Elm Wildlife Tours can also arrange non-escorted tours based on our itinerary or a modified itinerary for alternative dates if required.

Pensinsula Encounters

This their most popular tour. A scheduled daily wildlife tour around the Otago Peninsula

Wild Coast Explorer

This is an exclusive private tour option, either single day or multiday itinerary’s or a

Galapagos Peru Adventure

Join Elm Wildlife Tours for the ultimate combination of Andes and Wildlife with a 25 day Peru

Borneo Adventure

Join a representative from their award winning company on a ‘wildlife packed’ 14 day tour to

African Adventure

Join an experienced local guide on a ‘Wildlife packed’ upto 16 days safari in Kenya and/or

Yellow Eyed Penguins

The yellow-eyed penguin is a penguin native to New Zealand. Previously thought

Hooker’s Sealions

Elm Wildlife Tours - Wildlife - Hookers Sealions - Blue Sky Wildlife
The Hooker’s sea lion is also known as a New Zealand sea lion, it is a species of sea lion that

Northern Royal Albatross

The northern royal albatross is from the albatross family and a large seabird. It was split from

NZ Fur Seal

New Zealand Fur Seals, as the name suggests, have a very dense layer of secondary fur

New Zealand Kingfisher

Bright metallic blue with pale orange chest, these kingfishers are very numerous during  

Crested Penguins

The term crested penguin is the common name given collectively to species of

Bar-tailer Godwits

The bar-tailed godwit is a large wader in the family Scolopacidae. Its migration is

Red-billed gulls

The red-billed gull is the most common of NZs seagulls and always seen. They are a

Pie Stilt

Small delicate distinctive black and white wader with very long legs and a long fine black

Stewart Island Brown Kiwi

The Stewart Island brown kiwi belongs to the kiwi family, is a sub species of the southern

Elm Wildlife Tours - Penguins-01 - Blue Sky Wildlife

Elm Wildlife Tours recognises the importance of conducting their business with a responsibility towards the environment and in the communities in which they operate.

The nature of their business means that they must ensure their activities have the least possible negative impact on the environment, now and in the future. They will endeavour to provide a sustainable, high quality eco-tour experience, which meets customer expectations. They are committed to working with other tour operators to raise awareness in the environment and to develop and demonstrate good practice by operating in a sensitive and considered manner. They have clear policies for responsible tourism.

Elm Wildlife Tours have been assessed under the Earthcheck programme conducted by EC3 Global one of Asia Pacific’s most experienced environmental management and tourism consultancy businesses as meeting or exceeding the standards of “Best practice” as outlined their our Environmental Management Plan.

They also run a carbon neutral tour and are heavily involved in a Yellow Eyed Penguin Conservation programme that they have been funding for a number of years.

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