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Latvia Nature Tours

All the Latvia nature tours and birdwatching holidays offered by Dabas Tūres (Nature Tours) are led by professional ornithologists, biologists and experienced group leaders who are involved in range of  research and conservation projects.

Latvia is a small country with very high biodiversity. The Magazine “Wild Wonders of Europe” writes about Latvia: “There are only a very few countries in central and northern Europe that could offer a nature enthusiast as much natural serenity and as many pristine habitats as Latvia. Located in the transition zone of two bio-geographic regions, many visitors may return home with the impression they just spent their holidays in Europe’s biggest nature park.”

Latvia is located on the way of one of the world’s main migration paths of the birds. Where during the migration period a big concentration of the birds travelling through the country are seen here in Latvia offering excellent birdwatching opportunities.

Birding Holidays

The birding holidays offered by Dabas Tūres (Nature Tours) generally range from 6 upto 10 days. More than half of territory is covered by boreal and temperate forests. Latvia is the home of 8 Woodpecker species, 5 Owl species, Black Stork, Hazel Grouse, Capercailie and many other forest birds. One tenth of territory has open raised bogs, where thousands of Cranes are breeding. A big part of the country side is agricultural where Lesser Spotted Eagle, Hawks, Buzzards and Harriers can be easily seen, while nearby bushes are full of small passerine and warblers. At dusk you can hear Corncrace, which is a species with great numbers though with only a few meadows known where they cannot been seen.

There are a lot of lakes, rivers and ponds visited by birdwatchers because of Osprey, White-tailed Eagle, 5 Grebes species, White-winged, Black and Whiskered Tern, Citrine Wagtail and Marsh Sandpiper and much, much more…

Even the capital of Latvia – Rīga city is a great place for birding, since you can find at least 244 bird species here!  If you want to do this, the assistance of the birding guide is highly recommended.

Dabas Tūres (Nature Tours) can assist with accommodation and normally choose options closer to the nature areas with possibility of birding once you walk out the door of your accommodation.  Traditional Latvian food is a memorable experience and enhances the experience of a Lativa nature tour and birding watching holiday with Dabas Dabas Tūres.

From the Autumn 2017 Dabas Tūres (Nature Tours) invite birders and nature lovers visit their-own guest house “Stikāni”(White Stork), based next to excellent birding place – Nagļi fish ponds and Lake Lubans wetland area, in Eastern part of Latvia.

Latvia Spring Migration

This 6 to 8 day tour in the west part of Latvia. Ķemeri NP and Cape Kolka offers the best Enquire Directly –  Itinerary

North East Latvia Spring

This 8 day spring tour from May to middle of June will show at least 170 Latvian Enquire Directly –  Itinerary

Latvian Butterflies, Dragonflies and Wild Orchids

A 6 day tour from June to August, combined with birdwatching. Latvia is a home Enquire Directly –  Itinerary

West to East Latvia

A 10 day tour across almost all of the country. You will watch for the sea and inland bird Enquire Directly –  Itinerary

Latvian Autumn Migration

An alternative 6 to 8 day tour.  The start is from middle of August to end of October. Enquire Directly –  Itinerary
For more Latvia nature tours and birding holidaysvisit the Dabas Tūres (Nature Tours) website

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Large, well-proportioned eagle. Adult dark brown, pale spot at base of primaries and pale


Big, long-winged eagle-like bird of prey that uniquely plunges into water to catch

Ural Owl

Latvian owl protection society
Very large owl of ancient forest. Like big upright, pale, with longer tail as Tawny

Pygmy Owl

Tiny, dark, round-headed northern owl. Rotand body, obvious stumpy tail, often

White-backed Woodpecker

Largest “spotted” woodpecker. Long spike bill, long body and tail. Male’s crown red, females

Three-toed Woodpecker

Small forest woodpecker in Northern Europe. Shy, but sometimes gives close views.

Whiskered Tern

Larger than Black Tern, dagger-billed, with more direct, less airy flight. In Summer has black

European Roller

The southern banded snake eagle or fasciated snake eagle is a species of bird of prey

Great Snipe

Snipe-like form and pattern, with bulk approaching. Flight low, straight. Bold cream

Marsh Sandpiper

Small, very slim, elegant, needle-billed wader with long legs, on freshwater edges.

Other Latvian Wildlife

Butterflies: Duke of Burgundy, Woodland Brown, Marsh Fritillary, Clouded Apollo, Scarce Fritillary, Purple & Lesser Purple Emperors, Baltic Grayling, Arran Brown, Cranberry Fritillary, Pallas’s Fritillary, Scarce Heath, Garanium Argus, Eastern Baltic Blue, Moorland Clouded Yellow, Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell, Baltic Grayling.

Dragonflies: Ruby Whiteface, Yellow-spotted Whiteface, Dark Whiteface, Lilypad Whiteface, Bog Hawker, Siberian Winter Damsel, Sedgling Damsel, Small Spreadwing, Spearhead Bluet, Western Willow Spreadwing, Robust Spreadwing, Blue Chaser, Eurasian Baskettail, Green Snaketail, Green-eyed Hawker, Large Pincertail, Moustached Darter.

Orchids: Lady’s slipper orchid, Fragrant orchid, Fly orchid, Military orchid, Early coralroot.

Mammals: roe deer, wild boar, moose, beawer, fox, wolf.

Latvian owl protection society


Some of the guides, as well the company DABAS TŪRES are members of Latvian Owl research and protecting Society.

It means that every year they pay a membership to this organisation and help them protect the birds and assist with research. Every year they organise some educational events for children and after that making nest boxes to Ural Owl or Pygmy Owl.


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