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Tambopata Birding Tours

Chuncho Lodge is not only great value, it is also 100% locally owned – unlike many of the eco lodges in this region, and located in one of the best places for wildlife sightings in Peru: Tambopata National Reserve.

Chuncho Lodge is the offers a number of Tambopata birding tours which range from one day trips upto 4 day birdwatching expeditions that include visits to the 2 most significant places in Tambopata: Macaw Clay lick and Sandoval Lake as part of a 3 night experience.

Choose from a variety of programmes, all of which were created to make the utmost of wildlife sightings in this area including many micro habitats.

The lodging at Chuncho is in bungalows, all with private bathrooms, hot showers, and 24 hour electricity. With a personalized service, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly local tour guides, this company offers great value for money.

Macaw Clay Lick Birding Trip

Tambopata Expedition Macaw Clay Lick Full Day
For this one-day birdwatching tour, you will have to wake up at 3:00 a.m. to begin with two

From US$ 200 – View Itinerary

Macaw Clay Lick Birding Tour

Tambopata Expedition Macaw Clay Lick 2 Days
During this 2-day birding trip into the heart of the Tambopata Reserve we will be

From US$ 200 – View Itinerary

Macaw Clay Lick Birdwatching Tour

Tambopata Expedition Macaw Clay Lick 3
This 3-day birdwatching tour will to you to the largest Macaw Clay Lick on earth where

From US$ 400 – View Itinerary

Macaws Clay Lick Birding Expedition

Macaws Clay Lick
This 4-day birdwatching expedition offers the unique opportunity to visit the two

From US$400 – View Itinerary

Macaw Clay Lick & Adventure

Macaw Clay Lick & Adventure
This 4-day birding tour has been awarded as one of the best tours of the southern

From US$ 450 – View Itinerary

Macaw Clay Lick Birding Adventure

This 4-day birding adventure is one of the most popular programmes offered, because

From US$ 600 – View Itinerary

For more information about Tambopata Birding Tours visit the Chuncho Lodge website.
Please note the Chuncho Lodge reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw
Scarlet Macaws need extensive, old growth forest: These large birds require huge areas of

Red and Green Macaw

Coming Soon
Like the other macaws in the same genus, Ara, this large macaw, has a long pointed tail,

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Blue and Yellow Macaw
The Blue and Yellow Macaw is one of the most photogenic birds that live in the Peruvian


The Tambopata region is especially rich in toucan species.  Seven types of toucans

Dusky Titi Monkey

Dusky Titi Monkey
Dusky Titi monkeys form strong pair bonds and mate for life. They are typically seen with


Capybaras are very aquatic in nature and are thus never found far from water.

White Lipped Peccary

Coming Soon
It’s common to see them around the local banana plantation known as huangana.


Coming Soon
Jaguars are regularly seen in the Tambopata region because this huge area of wild forest

Giant Otter

Giant Otter
The largest of the Mustelidae family: This family of mammals includes the weasels, river


Hoatzins rarely fly. They are so reluctant to take to the air because they can barely fly.

Other Wildlife

Chuncho Lodge is located in the most ideal place for wildlife, adjacent to the national reserve and all its trails were made specifically to increase the likelihood of animal sightings such as squirrel monkeys, capuchin monkeys, saddle back tamarins, night monkeys, agouti, pacas, owls, red squirrels, tarantulas, trogons, kinkajous, motmots, snakes, insects and more.On the way to the Sandoval Lake zone observe a plethora of flora with impressive trees such as Phicus Walking Palm trees and Morithia Palms. Here, there will also be the opportunity to see Red Howler Monkeys, Black Caimans, Yellow Spotted river turtles, king fishers, Wood peckers, Horned Screamers and a lot more of wild life within the amazon lagoon.

Chuncho Lodge Conservation

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