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Borneo Nature Tours

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Borneo Wildlife Tours

Borneo Nature Tours  is a specialist nature and adventure tour operator based in Sabah, Malaysia offering Borneo wildlife tours and adventure treks.

As one of Malaysia’s Borneo referred Nature and Adventure Tour Operator, they are proud to have an aspiring team which aims to exceed their client’s wildlife expectation in service delivery, product innovation and professionalism to make each and every stay in Sabah a truly unique and memorable experience.

Borneo Nature Lodge

Borneo Nature Tours also operates the “Award-Winning Borneo Rainforest Lodge” a Borneo Nature Lodge nestled in a magnificent setting alongside the Danum River flowing through Sabah’s largest protected lowland rainforest – Danum Valley Conservation Area with 43,800 hectares of pristine and undisturbed tropical flora and fauna in the eastern part of Sabah.  The Sukau Rainforest Lodge Sabah is also home to more than 340 Bird species, 120 Mammal species, 72 reptile species, 56 amphibian species and a staggering 200 species of plants per hectare. From Borneo Nature Lodge,  tours feature Borneo rainforest tours and adventure treks into the Maliau Basin Conservation Area which is deemed the “Lost World of Sabah”.

Borneo Nature Tours has dedicated offices in Lahad Datu and Kota Kinabalu to support its nature and wildlife operations on the East and West coasts of Sabah.

Established in 1996, Borneo Nature Tours is a subsidiary of Sabah Foundation (Yayasan Sabah) Group of Companies.

Nature Treks

Borneo Nature Treks
This is a  4 day Borneo wildlife tour  explores the unique and tranquil sights and soundsof the oldest

From RM 7,945 – View Itinerary

Premium Villa Package

Borneo Nature Lodge
During this 4 day tour “Unveil the Jewel of the Rainforest” – Introducing our new 3 unit

From RM 10,770 – View Itinerary

Birdwatching Package

Borneo Bird Watching
This a 5 day bird watching tour in the lowland dipterocarp forest of Danum Valley and

From RM 10,235 – View Itinerary

Adventure Treks

Borneo Adventure Treks
A  5 day Borneo rainforest tour which explores the unique and tranquil sights and sounds

From RM 12,960 – View Itinerary

Nature and Adventure Treks

Borneo Rainforest Tours
This is a 10 day tour to experience the west and east coast. Highlights are Sepilok

From RM 21,295 – View Itinerary

For more Borneo wildlife tours and ecolodge experiences visit the Borneo Nature Tours website

Please note the Borneo Nature Tours reserves the right to change listed pricing anytime at their discretion.  Please contact them directly to confirm.

Borneon Gibbon

Borneo Nature Tours
Colour, uniform brown or greyish brown with grey hair around the face. Long arms.


Borneo Nature Tours Orangutan
Reddish-brown with no tail. Largest males up to 1.5m tall with a reach between the

Borneon Sun Bear

Borneon Sun Bear
Short hair and entirely black, except for white spot or v-shape mark on the upper

Borneon Pigmy Elephant

Borneo Pigmy Elephant
Is the smallest elephant in the world and is mostly active from two hours before dusk until

Borneon Clouded Leopard

Borneon Clouded Leopard
The largest cat species found in Borneo. Nocturnal and arboreal, and found to

Bintorung or Bearcat

Bintorung Or Bearcat
Arboreal and terrestrial. Active at night. Climbs trees skillfully but moves slowly in trees,

Borneon Bristlehead

Borneon Bristehead
25cm. Monotypic genus and family. Very unusual black bird with striking yellow and

Helmeted Hornbill

Helmeted Hornbill
110-120 cm. Monotypic. Very unusual-looking, very large hornbill with extensive bare

Giant Pitta

Borneo Giant Pitta
25-29cm. Very large pitta with conspicuous eyestripe and solid blue (male) or reddish

Borneon Banded Pitta

Borneo Bended Pitta
21-24cm. Medium sized pitta with distinctive yellow, black, blue and brown markings.

Other Wildlife

Menggarris Tree – Komposia Excelsa (Bees Tree), Giant Orchid (Only flowering once in five years), More Emergent Dipterocarps Trees, Many Ficus Trees more than 200 years old, More Fungi and Mushroom.

Borneo rainforest tours

Borneo Nature Tours at present do not have any conservation news to share.

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