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Kolibri Expeditions offer a variety of birding and bird photography tours throughout Peru tailored to fit your schedule and tiered pricing that is budget friendly. At this year’s British Birdfair they will be offering a discount on 2 special tours to celebrate their 20th anniversary – Big Month with celebrity guest guides and Nigel and Gunnar’s Peru Bird Party, with BBC documentary host Nigel Marven.

Kolibri Expeditions CEO Gunnar Engblom will be located at the #PromPeru stand in Marquee 2, Stand 48/49. Feel free to visit and ask him for more details and discuss all things bird related.

Kolibri Expeditions BIG MONTH 20th Anniversary & Bird Fair Special Offer – $US1,300 Discount

Join Kolibri Expeditions 20th Anniversary celebration, for their BIG MONTH this October. This a once in a lifetime and unique birding opportunity where participants will attempt to 1100 species of all of Peru’s 1860 recorded species in one month, this way setting a new one calendar month record for one country. . From the white sand forests of the Iquitos Amazon Lowlands, the iconic Puerto Maldonado, endemic rich North Peru to the cold, deep waters of the Pacific Humboldt Current, the trip will cover almost all of Peru’s widely diverse ecological zones.

No celebration would be complete without a few special guests. Joining them for this special month will be a few famous personalities from around the birding world. Each of their guests are recognised as some of the most experienced and talented birders in the world and are eager to share with you, their thoughts, experiences and expertise. Each leg is priced individually or you can sign up for the full month.

Kolibri Expeditions is offering a special discount of $US1,300 off the regular price of $US8,800 if participants sign up for the full month before the end of Bird Fair, August 19th. To view more information about the Kolibri Expeditions BIG MONTH 20th Anniversary click here.

Join founder and owner Gunnar Engblom with Trevor Hardaker, Noah Stryker and Diego Calderon for this amazing opportunity.

Kolibri Expeditions, Nigel and Gunnar’s Peru Bird Party

Celebrity BBC wildlife documentary host Nigel Marven and Kolibri Expeditions founder and CEO Gunnar Engblom re-unite 18 years after their first meeting to celebrate Kolibri Expedition’s 20th anniversary.

Together they will return to some of their favorite locations and you are invited. The 12 day tour takes you along the iconic Manu Road, to the enigmatic ancient Inca wonder that is Machu Picchu and end with 5 days in the endemic rich north Peru. $US250 off the regular price $US3,999 of their Kolibri Pro option or $US350 off their luxury Kolibri MST price of $US4,999. To view more information about the Kolibri Expeditions, Nigel and Gunnar’s Peru Bird Party click here.

Kolibri Expeditions Special Offer Terms & Conditions

The above offers will be available until the closing day of Birdfair, Sunday 19th August 2018 and will only be available until sold out. To reserve a place in one of the exclusive offer tours mentioned above and to book an appointment look for Gunnar at the #PromPeru stand in Marquee 2, Stand 48/49. To book an appointment with Gunnar Engblom, please complete the enquiry form here within the Kolibri Expeditions listing page.

Kolibri Expeditions

Kolibri Expeditions, based in Lima, Peru and operating since 1998, has provided birding and wildlife eco-tours throughout Latin America for 20 years. Kolibri Expeditions also offers selected tours to birding hotspots around the world, most notably Asia and Africa regardless of experience, skills and budget. More info

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