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The British Birdwatching Fair, held every August at Rutland Water in the UK Midlands, is the oldest celebration in the world of all things avian. But there are other international birdfairs to be found, all supporting important conservation projects. Here are nine of the best-known bird watching events from around the globe.


Greater Flamingo Ebro DeltaPhoto credit: Al Henderson, Ebro Delta Birding, Greater Flamingo

Delta Birding Festival

Now in its sixth year, the Delta Birding Festival takes place in the Ebro Delta in Catalonia, northeastern Spain. The Delta de l’Ebre is the second largest wetland in the western Mediterranean, and a large part of it is a national park through which more than 300 bird species pass on migration.
New this year, festival-goers will be able to vote on which conservation projects will receive funds from the festival.

More information at: www.deltabirdingfestival.com
Next date: September 2021


Spanish Imperial Eagle in SpainPhoto credit: Wild Doñana, Spanish Imperial Eagle

Doñana Birdfair

Three days of lectures, workshops, bird ringing, guided walks, photography and painting with more than 40 stands selling birdwatching equipment, books and clothing, all set in the beautiful natural park of Doñana in the far south of the country.

More information at: www.donanabirdfair.es
Next date: TBC


Balearic ShearwaterPhoto credit: Javier Mendez Chavero, Balearic Shearwater

Sagres Birdwatching Festival

Timed to coincide with the autumn migration, the Sagres Birdwatching Festival is a celebration of the area’s biodiversity and landscapes. This point of land in southwest Portugal is a migration hotspot and the festival offers field and boat trips, lectures and courses and activities of all sorts for adults and children.

More information at: www.birdwatchingsagres.com
Next date: TBC


Purple HeronPhoto credit: Al Henderson, Ebro Delta Birding, Purple Heron


Unlike many of the other birdfairs, the ObservaRia Birdwatching Fair in Estarreja, south of Porto in northern Portugal, is a biennial event. The fair offers a host of lectures, seminars and workshops, exhibitions and stands with well-known names from around the world contributing.

More information at: www.bioria.com
Next date: April 2021


Green Bee-eaters in IndiaPhoto credit: Babita Tours, India, Green Bee-eaters

Indian Birding Fair

The Indian Birding Fair is held annually on the shores of Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Each year, the fair focusses on a different species or habitat or conservation issue. Apart from talks and stands there are birding trails to follow, the lake reserve to explore and lots of information about Indian bird species and conservation projects, including not only birds and habitats but also tigers.

Next date: TBC


American OystercatcherPhoto credit: Wilson Diaz, Green Tours, American Oystercatchers

American Birding Expo

Held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Centre in Philadelphia USA, this event is a gathering of specialist tour operators, clothing and equipment manufacturers, and clubs and birding organisations from around the world. Following the death of its founder in early 2019, the American Birding Expo has not been planned for 2020, however organisers are hoping to hold it again in future years.

More information at: www.americanbirdingexpo.com
Next date: TBC

Belize Birding Festival

After the success of its inaugural event in 2018, the second Belize Birding Festival will take place in San Ignacio, southwest of Belize City. The birding festival features exhibitions, panel discussions, talks, booths, workshops and birdwatching walks highlighting the 587 bird species to be found in the country.

More information at: www.belizebirdingfestival.bz
Next date: 23-24 October 2021


Chestnut Seedeater in UruguayPhoto credit: Guyrapyta Birdwatching Uruguay, Chestnut Seedeater

Feria de Aves de Sudamerica

The Feria de Aves de Sudamerica takes place in a different South American country each year. It is a meeting place for lectures, forums, workshops and birding equipment suppliers, and an opportunity to see some of the magical bird species found on the continent. In 2021 the fair will be held at Cusco, Peru.

More information at: www.birdfair.net
Next date: 2021


Birding Tours ColombiaPhoto credit: Manakin Nature Tours, Colombia

Feria Internacional de Aves de Colombia

With the highest avian diversity in the world, Colombia celebrates its wildlife each year with the Colombia Birdfair, which promotes the conservation of the country’s ecosystems and encourages birdwatching, academic, social and cultural activities. The fair takes place in Cali in western Colombia, known as the ‘city of birds’.

More information at: colombiabirdfair.com
Next date: February 2021

Originally Published on: 5 Aug 2019
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