Wildlife Ecolodges

Blue Sky Wildlife prides itself on its unique collection of eco lodges, where guests can immerse themselves in wildlife discovery, and enjoy ecotourism holidays right from their doorstep.

Active in nature and wildlife conservation, focused on educating visitors and connected more to the local environment.


In this age of increasing pressures on our planet, the importance of ecotourism has never been more paramount. By staying in an ecolodge, where genuine “green credentials” are an integral part of the philosophy, with nature conservation at the heart of how the lodge and surrounding natural areas are managed, the “carbon footprint” created by a visitor´s air travel is mitigated.

What is an Ecolodge?

An eco lodge goes beyond the (very valid) concept of “green” hotels, which follow strict green guidelines to ensure that their guests are staying in safe, non-toxic and energy-efficient accommodation. A genuine ecolodge is more active in nature and wildlife conservation, focused on educating visitors and connected directly to the local environment. The basic definition of an ecolodge is an environmentally responsible lodging that follows the practices of green living, certified by local authorities or independent organizations. Ecolodges are located in or near natural forest environments, or other protected areas, and are built at least in part of natural materials.

Eco Wildlife Lodge

Blue Sky Wildlife is unique in that it is the only website in the world that lists ecolodge properties that also offer wildlife tours in their broader region.  Imagine waking up to the local birdsong,  and discovering  the birds themselves  right next to your room, before  taking  your breakfast surrounded by forest and views of nature stretching into the distance …..

At some lodges, you may not wish to stray far at all due to the intimacy of the wildlife, only returning to the lodge for meals and the occasional siesta. At night, the area around the lodge will be alive with a plethora of nocturnal creatures:  nocturnal mammals and birds, moths with their astonishing designs, etc!

But most of the ecolodges offer more than the fascination of their immediate environment, venturing deep into their surrounding region to discover more wildlife, fresh landscapes, even different ecosystems.  Blue Sky Wildlife opens the doors to your own fascinating, personal wildlife experience at selected lodges – and your stay will help conserve nature!

Are you interested in staying at an ecolodge?

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