Colombia Birdwatch is an experienced, local birding tour operator specialising in Colombian ornithological tours in the world’s most avian-rich country.

Christopher Calonje will be based in the ProColombia stand (Marquee 5, Stands 12/13/14/15) and is offering a 10% discount on any set departures tours for 2017, 2018 and 2019 booked during the Birdfair.  For example:

Andean Endemics and Choco Tour is one of their bestselling 15-day birding trips showcasing the Western and Central Andean Endemics and Choco Specialties.  This tour begins and ends in Cali and explores the Choco bioregion, as well as the western and central Andes of Colombia in search of some of the most elusive endemics Colombia has to offer. To download the Andean Endemics and Choco Tour itinerary, click here.

Multicolored Tanager

The idea behind the Colombian Endemics Tour 15-day birding tour is to showcase the Western Andes, Cauca Valley, Santa Marta Mountains and Caribbean Coast and to combine the two best birding destinations in Colombia: The Santa Marta mountains and Montezuma lodge. If you are in search of Colombian endemics, this is the tour for you! To download the Colombian Endemics Tour itinerary, click here.

Munchique Wood-wren

Colombia Birdwatch Special Offer Terms & Conditions

The above offer will be available from the opening day of the Birdfair, Friday 18th August 2017 and needs to be booked in person to secure a 10% discount on any set departures tours for 2017, 2018 and 2019. To book an appointment with Christopher Calonje, please complete the enquiry form here within Colombia Birdwatch listing page.

Colombia Birdwatch offer more than just a birding or nature tour, they offer an immersion into Colombian lifestyle, not only showcasing the wealth of bird species Colombia has to offer but also highlighting the culinary specialties and way of life of each region they visit.  Based in Cali, one of Colombia’s most strategically situated cities for access to the most fascinating and diverse birding locales on the planet, Colombia Birdwatch seek to provide an unsurpassed birdwatching experience for birders and naturalists from around the world. More info