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Conservation and supporting wildlife that needs additional support is fundamental to the ethos of the Blue Sky Wildlife. Blue Sky Wildlife will donate a percentage of profits to a recognised charity on an annual basis to assist them in their conservation work.

For the next three years Blue Sky Wildlife is proud to announce that it will become a BirdLife Species Champion supporting BirdLife International’s Preventing Extinctions Programme.

“BirdLife Species Champions help fund and promote action for specific Globally Threatened Birds as well as the international conservation, science, policy, advocacy and communications that underpin their local actions to ensure no more bird extinctions ever occur”.  

To join the ever growing community of Species Champions supporting the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme you can become a BirdLife Species Champion by writing to species.champions@birdlife.org

As this is a relatively new agreement, Blue Sky Wildlife will announce shortly which Birdlife Species they will be supporting and why.  However, the critically endangered species will be decided upon irrespective on the listings within the unique website (for example a critically endangered species maybe chosen from Papua New Guinea even if we do not have a tour operator from that country).