Bird Watching

Bird watching is one of the most popular wildlife experiences offered by tour operators and companies listed within the Blue Sky Wildlife collection.

Birdwatching tours and holidays range from simply relaxing at a eco lodge or retreat, a short trek and tropical birding tour into a rainforest close by, to 30 day mega bird tours.

Why watch birds?

With no other creature has our relationship been so constant, so varied, so enriched by symbol, myth, art and science, and so contradictory as that with birds. Since earliest record, birds have served as symbols of peace and war, as subjects of art, as objects for study and for ‘sport’. Birds and their eggs range from the most exotic to the commonplace: the food on our table. Their command of our imagination is not surprising because they are astonishing creatures, most notably for their versatility, their diversity, their flight and their song.

Birds are conspicuous and are found everywhere. We find Snowy Owls within the Arctic Circle and sandgrouse in the deserts of the Middle East, the White-winged Diuca Finch at the highest elevations of the Peruvian Andes, Emperor Penguins diving hundreds of metres beneath Antarctic seas, parrots in the rainforest of Brazil and Ostriches in the arid plains of Southern Africa.

These highly mobile creatures are travellers of the long distance and the short. Some birds, like the Nicobar Pigeon in Indonesia, move incessantly from island to island, while others are master navigators, travelling phenomenal distances. The Sooty Shearwater migrates from New Zealand to the coast of Japan, the Arctic Tern migrates from the Farne Islands to the Antarctic and the Rufous Hummingbird migrates from Alaska to Mexico.

Furthermore birds please the eye. Little in nature is more extravagant than the Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise, more subtly beautiful than the Evening Grosbeak, more stylish than the Horned Sungem or more improbable than the Javan Frogmouth. All these qualities seem to have provoked wonder and a sense of mystery since the dawn of human existence.

Blue Sky Wildlife has numerous bird watching holidays that allow you to admire these various qualities.

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