Birding The Strait offer unique, world-class, affordable guided birding and wildlife photography tours in Tarifa, the Strait of Gibraltar, Andalusia and Morocco, a region with exceptional scenery and biodiversity.

At this year’s Birdfair, Javi Elorriaga and Yeray Seminariohey will be located at the Andalucía Tourist Board stand (Marquee 2, Stands 8/9/10).  They are offering a 15% discount on every day trip or half day trip of birding in the Strait of Gibraltar booked during the Birdfair for the period October 2017-February 2018.  For example:

Raptor Migration Day Trip is their raison d’être. Birding The Strait runs daily day trips for birders, wildlife photographers, independent travellers, couples and small groups in spring and autumn. The trips are based in Tarifa, their local patch. Tarifa and the Gibraltar area, just a few miles away from the African continent, create one of the busiest migration corridors on earth. Thanks to their experience as raptologists and bird counters in the Strait of Gibraltar, they will take you to the best spots to observe the target species according to the specific atmospheric conditions of the day. To download the Raptor Migration Day Trip itinerary click here.

Raptor Migration Tour

Griffon Migration Day Trip is a one day trip offered from late September to late November when the greatest concentration of vultures in the continent takes place at the Strait of Gibraltar. Juvenile Griffons from all over the Iberian peninsula migrate South and concentrate around Tarifa before crossing the Strait to Africa. This is a world class spectacle that inexplicably has past unnoticed for the international birding community. To download the Griffon Migration Day Trip itinerary click here.

Griffon Migration Day Trip

Birding The Strait Special Offer Terms & Conditions

The above offers will be available from the opening day of the Birdfair, Friday 18th August 2017 and need to be booked during the Birdfair for the period October 2017-February 2018. To reserve a place in one of the set departure tours mentioned above and to book an appointment with Javi Elorriaga and Yeray Seminariohey, please complete the enquiry form here within Birding The Strait listing page.

Birding The Strait is a cooperative effort by the Spanish ornithologist and nature guides Yeray Seminario and Javier Elorriaga. Both have a solid background as ornithologist in conservation projects in Europe and America and share a passion for wildlife photography. They started their careers as nature guides independently and working for other international companies. In 2014 they founded Birding The Strait in Tarifa, the flagship town in the Strait of Gibraltar. More info