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If you’ve ever considered taking the birding holiday of a lifetime, then choosing Africa as your destination might be a perfect choice. With a wide range of exotic and beautiful birds to discover, across some of the world’s most diverse countries. There’s plenty to see and do for bird watchers of all types, from avid fans to relative newcomers. But with so much ground to cover, what birding Africa tour is the perfect match for you?

Want to travel to see Africa’s fabulous birdlife?

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Discover eight of the best birding tours and safaris Africa has to offer, from the amazing savanna to the incredible jungles:

1). The Gambia – Bird Party in the Gambia!

FlywayBirding GambiaPhoto credit: Niki Williamson, Inglorious Bustards, Gambia

This 11-day tour with Inglorious Bustards offers bird lovers the chance to see all that Gambia – one of West Africa’s best-kept secrets – has to offer. With plenty of time to explore countless bird hotspots and habitats, from coastal flocks to swamp-dwelling species. The itinerary for this one-of-a-kind bird party allows travellers to spot anything from the exotic Green and Violet Turacoes, the creek-based African Finfoot and the incredible Dark Chanting Goshawk.

For bird lovers who enjoy a little more variety in their tours, Bird Party in the Gambia has a little bit of everything, providing the opportunity to see everything from water-dwelling species to the diverse raptor species that make the Gambia their home. Read More: Nine Top Bird Watching Destinations for 2019

2). Morocco – Morocco Birdwatching and Wildlife Tour

Morocco Birding Tour PhotoPhoto credit: Jose Luis Sanchez, Iberian Lynx Land, Morocco Birding Tour

A conservative ten days, this compact birdwatching holiday takes place in one of the most popular African bird watching destinations, Morocco. With habitats spanning from the coastline to the Sahara desert, and even the Atlas mountains, this tour packs a punch for bird watchers who enjoy seeing a little bit of everything. Highlights include the Levaillant’s Green Woodpecker in the country’s plentiful pine forests.

For those looking for a shorter journey without any reduction in opportunities, the Morocco Birdwatching and Wildlife Tour with Iberian Lynx Land is the ultimate choice. With so much to see and do across deserts, forests and mountains all combined into one compact tour.

3). Botswana, Namibia and Zambia – Livingstone Birding Trail Tour

Pel's Fishing OwlPhoto credit: Grant Reed, Letaka Safaris, Pel’s Fishing Owl

The Livingstone Birding Trail Tour with Letaka Safaris is full of fantastic chances to sight some of the most beautiful birds Botswana, Namibia and Zambia have to offer. These tours provide quality and quantity in equal fashion. With the opportunity to spot everything from the rare Pel’s Fishing Owl on the border between Botswana and Namibia through to countless waterfowl, from Flamingos to Pelicans, along the beautiful Chobe River.

For birding enthusiasts, this tour offers a little bit of everything. Allowing travellers to get up close and personal to their favourite species without sacrificing on comfort, thanks to lodge and hotel accommodation to fully-serviced camping. Read More: Seven Remarkable Birds Of Prey

4). South Africa – Western South African Endemics Birding Tour

South Africa Birding TourPhoto credit: Leon Marais, Lawson’s Birding, Wildlife and Custom Safaris, Cape Sugarbird

This 12-day tour with industry experts Lawson’s Birding, Wildlife and Custom Safaris delivers all it promises. Incorporating a wide range of different destinations in Western South Africa. With highlights including the incredible Augrabies Falls National Park, where species such as the Namaqua Warbler are plentiful, through to the coastal Cape Peninsula, where water birds such as the Bar-tailed Godwit are amongst the countless species to spot. Fynbos specials such as Cape Sugarbird and Orange-breasted Sunbird will be high on the ‘must-sees’ list. There’s never a dull moment with this cultural and exciting experience.

As the name suggests, the West South African Endemics tour focuses on the native and local species of the area, providing a unique experience that can’t be achieved elsewhere. For bird watchers who enjoy viewing species in their natural habitat, this tour should be a top choice. Read More: Family Wildlife Holidays: 6 Great Adventures

5). Uganda – Mega Birding Uganda Tour

Shoebill in UgandaPhoto credit: Matthew M, Livingstone African Safaris, Shoebill, Uganda

This 30-day epic bird watching adventure with the popular Livingstone African Safaris goes far beyond the basics. Offering bird enthusiasts an opportunity to get in-depth with the 750 plus native bird species Uganda has to offer. Complete with guided tours through Uganda’s National Parks, providing the chance to see anything from the famous Shoebill Stork through to the incredible Crowned Eagle. This bird watching holiday is the ideal choice for bird lovers that want to get up close and personal with one of the world’s densest bird populations.

With the opportunity for birding both within the beautiful national parks, as well as on the journey between each destination, travellers will be spoilt for choice. And they will be more than grateful for the beautiful and comfortable hotels provided at the end of each jam-packed day. Read More: Why Conserving Nature is Important

Including some of the most beautiful wildlife destinations Africa has to offer, the Tanzanian Birding Tour with Unique Safaris, is designed to fit into anyone’s budget, while still providing the same world-class experience. Bird fans will be able to visit many areas of natural beauty, including the Mkomazi National Park, where a wide variety of different sunbirds and finches can be spotted.

Where is Mkomazi National Park?

The Mkomazi National Park is a magnificent 3,500 square kilometre (1,240 square miles) national park located in north eastern Tanzania on the Kenyan border, in the Kilimanjaro Region and Tanga Region. With over 400 recorded birds species, including hornbills, sunbirds, weavers and guinea-fowl, as well as such species as the martial eagle and violet wood-hoopoe.

With different options for an overnight stay, this 14-day birding tour can be adapted to fit your perfect budget, allowing you to experience the beauty and elegance of Tanzania. With a massive range of different habitats covered, and plenty of other wildlife to see as well, this tour has a little something for everyone.

6). Ghana – Ghana Birding and Culture Tour

Ghana Africa BirdingPhoto credit: Ashanti African Tours, Ghana Birding

A top-rated tour for those who want to experience Ghana’s incredible habitats at the most critical times of day. This Ghana Bird Watching and Culture Tour with Ashanti African Tours goes above and beyond to provide birding fans with something completely different. Including exploring the UNESCO World Heritage habitats and local culture of the region. With the chance to see anything from Northern Crombecs to Violet-backed Hyliota, there’s plenty to enjoy no matter what your preference of bird.

With more opportunities than your average tour to enjoy the culture, lifestyle and influences of the area, this 9-day Ghana tour is ideal for those that want a little bit of everything out of their holiday. As an area of astounding beauty, there’s a reason Ghana is a top choice for a lot of travellers.

7). Ethiopia – Northern Ethiopia Custom Tour

Crested Crane in EthiopiaPhoto credit: Nick Crane, Ethiopian Adventures, Crested Crane

Last but not least, the Northern Ethiopia Custom Tour with the fantastic Ethiopian Adventures, puts a new spin on birding trips by allowing you to design your custom trail and plan. This completely different approach to bird watching in Africa enables you to take control of your adventure. From travelling to the Lake Tana area to see the Pelicans to exploring the vast amounts of other wildlife this destination has to offer.

For a custom experience, this 9-day opportunity might be your best bet. With the support of expert tour guides, designing a plan that lets you see everything you want to is easy.

What kind of birding tour sounds like the perfect fit for you? To discover more about the full range of tours available for birding Africa, or to get connected with the journey of your dreams, check out our complete list of bird watching tours worldwide here. We can help your bird watching plans become a reality.

Originally Published on: 24 Jul 2020
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