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The American Birding Expo, now in its 3rd year and having relocated its “nest” to Philadelphia, celebrates the diversity of one of the most popular US pastimes by bringing the world of birding to one place—the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania, from September 29 to October 1, 2017.

Estimates vary on the number of US birders, ranging from 20 upto 75 million depending on the source, so it is not surprising that the upcoming Expo is anticipated to be a great success for all involved.

The American Birding Expo offers bird watchers, nature lovers, and other outdoor enthusiasts the unique opportunity to browse more than 100 exhibits featuring binoculars and spotting scopes, cameras, tours and destinations, bird feeders and other backyard products, clothing, books, outdoor retailers, and much more.

Blue Sky Wildlife has put together our recommended “must see” exhibitor list for this year’s American Birding Expo, and in alphabetical order they are:

Beaks and Peaks – Honduras
William Orellana and Katinka Domenwho run Beaks and Peaks offer ethically and ecologically responsible birding and adventure tours in Honduras, in the heart of Central America. Sustainability, authenticity and diversity are the core values of their company and Birdfair special offers to be announced. More info

Buenos Dias Birding – Argentina
Alejandro Ronchetti and Horacio Matarasso are base in Argentina, specialise in birding, wildlife and nature photography tours in the diverse wildlife areas of Southern South America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, etc).  With nearly 30,000 Facebook fans worldwide when you meet them you will also understand why they are so popular.  More info

Kolibri Expeditions – Peru
Kolibri Expeditions provides birding trips to all corners of South America. Based in Lima, Peru and operating since 1998. The company has been organising birding trips in South America for 20 years. Their experience covers Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru with a particular interest in Peru where they offer a number of tour options including 5-day tours throughout Peru. More info

Livingstone African Safaris – Uganda (Marquee 5, Stand 29)
Kalema Livingstone established Livingstone African Safaris in 2000 and specialises in personalised, private safari tours, birdwatching, nature trekking, wildlife trips and cultural experiences around Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. For those hardcore birders, Kalema offers a 30 day “Mega Birding Uganda” tour which takes you through out Uganda’s National Parks, reserves, sanctuaries for the endemics and this could produce over 750 bird species.  More info

Melbourne Birding Tours – Australia
Melbourne Birding Tours specialises in taking birders out from Melbourne to see the large number of species that can be seen in a variety of habitats close to Melbourne. They personalise each tour to suit the needs of their guests from the species they wish to see and to pace they wish to go at.  Birding tours range from one day tours upto five days with each sighting bringing new details, new behaviour and new thrills.  More info

Manakin Nature Tours – Colombia
Manakin Nature Tours, is one of the leading birdwatching, wildlife and photography tour operators in Colombia.  With over 95 nature locations and 30 different routes to enjoy, Manakin Nature Tours is lead by the charming and experienced birder, Luis Eduardo Urena.  Travel with Luis to amazing Colombian locations such as the Andes, Choco, the Santa Marta Mountains, Magdalena Valley, the Amazon, Caribbean and Pacific coastal routes and as far away as the Eastern Plains. More info

Trogon Tours – Argentina
Trogon Tours is a fully licensed and highly experienced nature tour operator created and managed by passionate naturalists who have been involved in nature conservation and wildlife travel since the early 1980s.  Trogon Tours offer wildlife tours in Argentina, Antarctica, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Luis Segura and Lucas Marti will be at the Expo to assist in defining your next wildlife travel adventure to South America and the Antarctica.

For more information on the American Birding Expo click here.

Chris Larsen
Blue Sky Wildlife Team

Originally Published: 6 Sep 2017

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