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Blue Sky Wildlife is a unique collection or online market place, of wildlife tour operators and companies from around the world, ranging from small independent operators who offer tours in only one country to international companies who offer wildlife tours in a variety of destinations within their global region.

Blue Sky Wildlife was originally the digital wildlife trading name of BluSky Marketing Limited.  BluSky Marketing has been involved in wildlife since 2009, predominantly through its involvement at The British Bird Watching Fair (or Birdfair) as an experienced Birdfair contractor supporting over 110 exhibitors during the last 10 years.

In late 2013, Chris Larsen (BluSky Marketing, Managing Director) came up with the initial concept of Blue Sky Wildlife in collaboration with Tim Appleton (Birdfair Co-Founder) and Richard Goodchild (Head of Digital).  In early 2016 they successfully launched this innovative peer to peer website for the wildlife industry.  In November 2017, Blue Sky Wildlife was voted the TravelMole Best Responsible Tourism Site for 2017, which included Responsible Travel and Tribes in the shortlist.

As of the 1st April 2019, Blue Sky Wildlife has been split from BluSky Marketing and is now its own legal entity trading as Blue Sky Wildlife Limited.


Blue Sky Wildlife has already over 60 wildlife tour operators and companies listed on this unique website (growing on a monthly basis) which includes the ability for wildlife lovers to search for a nature tour or holiday by the name of a species which interests them and maybe on their “bucket” list!

Another unique feature of Blue Sky Wildlife is the Wildlife Reviews. Unlike any other review platform, Wildlife Reviews has been designed for the wildlife industry and covers the quality of the tours and guides as well.  It is the Wildlife Review features, that in time will provide wildlife enthusiasts with the ability to search by ratings, so easily identifying those companies offering the best wildlife experiences.


Within each wildlife operator and company, listing is a “conservation” tab which communicates each operators commitment to conservation. Blue Sky Wildlife appreciate that for a number of wildlife adventurers this is an important criteria when selecting the right company for them. This gives the company listed an opportunity to showcase their commitment to eco-tourism and share some of the amazing work they are doing for the environment.

Blue Sky Wildlife is delighted to be supporting BirdLife International’s Preventing Extinctions Programme as a BirdLife Species Champion.

April 2019
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