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Pepper Bush Adventures

Tasmania, Australia
4.83 based on 5 reviews

Letaka Safaris

Okavango Delta, Botswana
5 based on 2 reviews

Birding Expeditions

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
5 based on 5 reviews

Jaguarundi Travel

Bogotá, Colombia
4.93 based on 7 reviews

Walk With Jith

Colombo, Sri Lanka
4.83 based on 5 reviews

Beaks and Peaks

Lake Yojoa, Honduras
4.87 based on 5 reviews

Travel News

Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve: Ecuador’s SNAP First Private Reserve

Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve has become the first private reserve to become part of SNAP. SNAP is Ecuador’s National System of Protected Areas (Sistema Nacional de Areas Protegidas) and means that under law, the reserve will be protected and preserved. Not only is this good …

Tiger Tours in India

At the heart of the Asiatic jungles resides Panthera tigris, the world’s largest ‘big cat’. The walking embodiment of India’s heart, spirit and soul. No matter which ecosystem you find Asia’s tigers in, they are the dominant species. Their roar resounds for miles when they …

National Parks in Spain: Important Wildlife Conservation Areas

The protection of wildlife habitats and native species in Spain is focussed on its officially protected areas. Here we look at National Parks in Spain and how they relate to the country’s Natural Parks. Mainland Spain contains 11 of the country’s 16 National Parks, with …

Special Offers


Mongolia Wildlife Safari

Mongolia 14 Days
Starting From 2,950
USD2,802 / per person Expires: 29/02/2020

Exploring Honduras

Honduras 13 Days
Starting From 3,200
USD3,000 / per person Expires: 31/08/2020
Iberian-Lynx SAVE 6%

The Iberian Lynx Quest

Spain 6 Days
5based on 2 reviews
Starting From 850
EUR800 / per person Expires: 15/03/2020

Danube Delta Birdwatching Tour

Romania 6 Days
4.93based on 5 reviews
Starting From 850
EUR799 / per person Expires: 30/04/2020

Grey Ghost Of Himalayas

India 18 Days
Starting From
USD4,940 / per person Expires: 31/12/2019
Kingfisher SAVE 9%

Bunica Maria Wildlife photography Tours

Romania 6 Days
5based on 2 reviews
Starting From 1,100
EUR999 / per person Expires: 29/02/2020

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A number of the wildlife tour operators are the best operators in their respective country, with local tourism awards to enhance their reputations.

Helping Save

Letaka Safaris has partnered with Okavango Guiding School to offer nature guide training courses in the Okavango Delta for international tourists not wanting to pursue a career in guiding but rather to gain a deeper understanding of Africa’s ecology and to learn the primal skills of tracking and survival. These courses focus on conservation through education and offer the African visitor the chance to train alongside career safari guides.

Okavango Guiding School sponsors one young aspiring individual from local communities to train free of charge on each of these courses. By bringing career opportunities to the communities, we create conservation ambassadors that in turn help to reduce poaching and increase the awareness of the need to conserve from within the communities.

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