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Nikki & Simon waved a magic wand and made our wish list come true! With 80 species in one day, many of them lifers for me, it was an incredible day that will live long in the memory. Read more

Barbara Shelton 6-Oct

On 25th September 2018 I went on a one-day bird watching tour to Donaña with a group guided by Manu Mojarro. It was one of the best days bird watching of my life. Read more

Malcolm Millais 2-Oct

I have been on many tours with many experienced guides. This was the best! Our guide was Manu, a qualified biologist and a committed ecologist whose family home is in these stunningly … Read more

Martin Orchard-Webb 24-Sep

If you are serious about finding birds in Colombia, go with Manakin Nature Tours. This company goes above and beyond. Luis and Alejandro were superior guides who exceeded my expectations. Read more

Dave Mudd 3-Sep

This was for me the realisation of a dream to enjoy the wildlife, culture, history and landscape of this part of South America. Can only recommend very highly. Read more

Robin Perry 17-Aug

Great long weekend in Co Cork. Very good pelagics with great sightings, common dolphins around the boat for ages, a minke whale so close we could hear it breath! Read more

Gill 12-Aug

This was a total 5 star experience from the first day. My birding partner and I arrive two days before the “official” start of the tour. Christopher arranged for us to take a tour of Cali and then… Read more

Jaye Rykunyk 31-Jul

If I had to list the best 100 days of my life, I would put all eleven days I spent with William Orellana on the 2018 Hummingbird Quest on that list. I will qualify that with… Read more

Carole Turek, MD 27-Jul

We were escorted on a private tour by Leon at Lawsons from Johannesburg through to Kruger, stopping off at Dullstroom and Blyde Canyon. I can… Read more

Brenda and Tony Hovell 20-Jul

Had a marvellous half day birding the Llobregat delta with Carles in April 2017 – just outside BCN, perfect for the birder vacationing with non-birding family as I was. Read more

Dan Kaplan 9-Jul

A fantastic tour with fantastic guides. I had the opportunity to catch photos of many beautiful birds, among them inca wren and cook-of-the-rock… Read more

Göran Storensten 2-Jul

My 9 year old son and I had an amazing time staying at Bellavista. We visited Yanacocha to see the Swordbill hummingbird and several mountain tanager species… Read more

Hari Viswanathan 27-Jun

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Guyrapyta Birdwatching Uruguay lodgings, situated in pristine corners of Uruguay, are family ranches whose main income derives from sustainable stockbreeding and ecotourism. These lodgings are respectful of the environment and the native fauna and flora.

All throughout the work in the field, they promote values such as the respect and recuperation of ecosystems and species. Consequently, 2% of the total passenger’s fee are devoted to conservation projects in the visited regions, through the NGO AvesUruguay/BirdLife programme.
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