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Wildlife Tours and Ecotourism Holidays

Welcome to Blue Sky Wildlife, a unique collection of established and award winning tour operators and companies from around the world offering wildlife tours and responsible ecotourism holidays.

From bird watching adventures in Peru, African safaris in Uganda, wildlife photography in Scotland, Eco lodges in Borneo to whale watching in New Zealand, there really is something to suit all nature lovers seeking exciting wildlife tours and ecotourism holidays.

Blue Sky Wildlife makes it easy to search through a variety of wildlife interests including birds, butterflies, dragonflies, mammals, reptiles, plants and wildflowers prior to booking directly with wildlife tour operator or company.

This easy to use ecotourism website assists in making your next wildlife adventure as easy as possible. Search by species name, download tour itineraries, read independent Wildlife Reviews, search by type of experience or destination, and review a tour operator’s commitment to conservation and sustainable tourism prior to contacting them directly.